Project Risk Analysis Football Match as Charity Essay

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Project Risk Analysis

Football Match as Charity Event -- Project Risk Analysis

The football match is organized as a charity event to raise more funds. Yet, as any other organized endeavor, it stands to suffer due to several potential risks. Some of these risks include the chance of rains, the chance that a certain player would not show up and so on. While these risks seem rather trivial, a deeper look at the situation would reveal that they in fact have the ability of ruining the entire event especially when they can occur at all levels of the project life cycle -- defining, planning, executing and delivering (Gray and Larson, 2002).

The risks which can occur at phase levels include:

At the defining level, when the project is assessed in terms of the needs it has to satisfy, a major risk is materialized in the possibility of the wrongful identification of the need.

During the planning level, the primary risk is that of setting unrealistic schedules or budgets. It could for instance be possible to leave out important details such as how the charity money would be collected. Also, since people would be giving money, they might welcome a souvenir by which to remember their good deed. It is important that the donors be rewarded. At this stage, there are several details which could be left out or misinterpreted. Another risk at this stage refers to the inadequate allocation of the resources.

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3. In the executing stage, the main risk is that of implementing an inadequate course of action to achieve the pre-established goals. In other words, it is possible for changes to be incurred, for the forecasts not to be met or for the quality of the services to not meet the pre-established standards.

4. Finally, in the delivering stage, the main risks are given by material insufficiencies in the implementation of the project, such as lack of training on the part of the team members or lack of technical support. Also, it could be possible for the consumers to not be interested in the project, or for the organizing team to not learn from the mistakes it had made.

TOPIC: Essay on Project Risk Analysis Football Match as Charity Assignment

Aside these stages, risks can also occur at the level of individual tasks. At a generic level, the tasks evident in this project can be summarized as follows: authorization for the organization of the football match; logistics operations; planning; marketing; development and implementation and finally control and evaluation.

- the authorization stage should not consume any financial resources and would be completed within an estimated week. It reveals the risks of an inability to retrieve the authorization, which means that the organizers should solicit it in time so that they have the ability to make any required alterations

- the logistics tasks are expected… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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