Promoting the Practice Marketing to Potential New Clients Essay

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One of the key ways of promoting marketing to new potential clients is developing a customer referral program. The referral program rewards the clients for bringing other clients into the consumer base. The nature of the consumer base should entail the use of gifts, discounts, invitation of clients to special events, and arranging for closed-door activities where specific clients are invited to take part and take advantage of the advantages provided by the organization. The referral program provides organizations with growing consumer base using the existing clients as a method of reaching the larger community. However, it is highly recognizable that, the success of the referral system relies on the perceived benefits associated with utilizing organizational product or service (Elefant & Black, 2010).

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Establishing strategic collaboration with other health care organizations can also be used to reach out for new potential clients. Collaborating with other organizations, not in direct competition with the health care organization provides it with an expanded consumer base. Clients who trust other organizations and show their loyalty to them tends to be inclined to follow their endorsement or recommendations of an affiliate partner. As such, it is important for an organization to identify businesses that share a similar style, corporate culture, personality, and philosophy. Building good alliances make it possible for an organization to increase its consumer base. The collaboration acts as a network system that makes the clients and the organization work towards achieving a common goal (Cox, 2009).

Essay on Promoting the Practice Marketing to Potential New Clients Assignment

The use of the social media for attracting new potential clients is also effective for the organization. The social media makes it possible for the management of the organization to communicate with their clients over distance and respond to their diverse needs. The social media allow the organization to maintain the communication between it and the organizational management. The strengthened communication magnifies the visibility of the organization in the marketplace (Cox, 2009). As such, this shows the hybrid nature of the social media in facilitating marketing of different organizational services to the potential clients. The features of the social network such as allowing the clients share their experiences acts as an indirect referral system to other potential clients. The direct control of the shared information between the clients and the management ensure transparency in the nature of the quality of services provided to the clients. As such, the social media proves an effective tool for attracting new client into the organization and increasing its visibility and competitiveness (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Service brand experience influences the attraction of consumers to the services provided by the organization. Providing unique services to the clients contribute to the satisfaction of their pleasurable experiences and needs. As such, the organization considers factors such as service brand equity and brand experience, two of the key factors that influence their likeability towards the organizational services. As such, this implies that, understanding the high tech needs of the consumers allows the health care organization to continue providing positive service experiences to the clients, a fact that attract new clients and retain the existing ones, hence, organizational performance (Elefant & Black, 2010).

In addition, the practical importance of service branding to the organization include identifying the strategic importance of service branding in attracting and sustain the clients.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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