Promoting Responsiveness Between Mothers With Depressive Symptoms Term Paper

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Promoting responsiveness between mothers with depressive symptoms and their infants: A Critical Review

Critical Analysis of Purpose

The stated purpose of the research conducted is to examine whether an interactive coaching intervention could be utilized to promote healthy responsiveness between mothers who are depressed during pregnancy and their infants. The research is scientifically grounded and based on previous studies which suggest that depression may impact maternal behavior and threaten the well being and development of the maternal-infant relationship post delivery.

The authors do an adequate job of defining why postpartum depression may pose a risk to both mothers and their babies in the post delivery period. The cite studies which suggests that mothers suffering from the disorder are more withdrawn and hostile, more avoidant, discontent and less affectionate with their babies. All of these factors have the potential according to other research backing the study to affect the infant's growth and development.

The study is based on the notion that little scientific information currently exists with regard to the clinical management of postpartum depression. The author is successfully attempting to identify a new avenue for addressing this serious problem.

Review of Literature

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The references utilized to create this article and support this study seem abundant, though the literature review is lacking. The literature does make a point to cite other studies, which support the significance of postpartum depression as a serious disorder. The primary focus in fact of the literature review is to descried the risks associated with postpartum depressive disorders.

The authors do however cite a study conducted which examines various treatments for mood control, but the study cited suggested that no improvement was realized among the women suffering from postpartum depression. The article would have been better supported if more data was pulled for the literature review. The literature review was also incorporated into the introduction. The article would have benefited had the research from the literature review been segregated.

Research Design

Term Paper on Promoting Responsiveness Between Mothers With Depressive Symptoms Assignment

The research design is solidly grounded in prior developmental models, which examine child development. These models support the notion that a relationship exists between a mothers mental state and her ability to remain emotionally sensitive to her newborn baby.

An experimental design is utilized for purposes of this study. The authors selected a random assignment for eligible participants to enter either the control or treatment group. This design correlates with similar studies, which also utilize experimental research design, a fact supported by the author's research and literature review.

The sample size however used by the group was relatively small (116 people), allowing the possibility that the sample size selected may not be representative of the population at large. Thus the conclusions drawn from the research may not be generalizeable to the population at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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