Proper Use of Birth Control Pills Term Paper

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Birth Control Methods

There are many factors to consider in deciding to take birth control pills. Many oral contraceptives are available, with varying degrees of strength and effectiveness. It can thus be difficult for a woman to decide which birth control method would work best for her.

This essay explains the process of choosing and taking a birth control pill effectively. The first part of the essay discusses how a woman can pick the best pill, depending on her needs. The second part then explains the steps in taking the pill, to ensure that the birth control method is effective. In the last paper, the paper explains the different symptoms which a woman should watch out for, in order to catch any bad side effects of the drug early.

It is hoped that these methods would help to ensure artificial contraception that is both effective and safe.

Choosing the pill

Women who decide to rely on artificial contraception or "the pill" have several options. One thing that all pills have in common is that they contain female hormones. By altering the hormonal levels in a woman's body, oral contraception can prevent a woman from getting pregnant. The most common birth control pills contain both estrogen and progesterone. When taken daily, a pill with these hormones blocks the ovaries from releasing ova. Experts also advise that when taken properly, the pill is 95 to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

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However, women should also consider several important factors before deciding to take a pill. Since a pill does not protect against HIV or sexually-transmitted diseases, a woman who decides to take the pill should continue using barrier contraceptive methods like condoms. Alternatively, a woman who takes artificial contraception could also ensure that she and her partner are in a monogamous relationship.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Proper Use of Birth Control Pills Assignment

Also, while the pill gives a woman added protection against ovarian and endometrial cancer and pelvic inflammatory disease, it increases the risk for several other ailments. Women who are over 35 can experience additional risks of blood clots and breast cancer when taking the pill. Because of this, physicians advise women on the pill to refrain from smoking.

Also, because the pill can react with other medication, women should always inform their physicians about their oral contraception before undergoing treatment for any illness.

Taking birth control pills

For the pill to be effective, a woman must take the pill regularly. Experts recommend that a woman starts taking the pill… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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