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But I'm even more horrified to hear that people attempting to protect our supposedly impressionable minds banned such classics as The Catcher in the Rye and Huckleberry Finn.

The Opposition

Opposing views/rebuttals:

Some point to the rise in eating disorders and low self-esteem, for instance, amongst young girls as a media created phenomenon. Peggy Orenstein, in her 1994 book Schoolgirls states that "middle school is the beginning of the transition to womanhood and, not coincidentally, the time of greatest self-esteem loss." She states that exposure to the images of young, passive, slender girls in the American media plays a key role in this.

Rebuttal#1: Self-esteem is not just culturally produced -- what about the environment that gives validation to these media images? Why did such media images become popular in the first place? Why do certain consumers prove so susceptible to them for psychological and cultural reasons?

Rebuttal#2: Orienstein herself admits that subtle factors such as teachers favoring boys play a crucial factor.

Opposing view #2

Some say, it's not free speech -- just pornography. "I know it when I see it," said one circuit court justice quoted in Bob Woodward's book on the Supreme Court The Brethren, in explaining why he wished to censor certain images.

a. Rebuttal #1: Even courts admit subjective judgement, no absolute standard of what is offensive.

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b. Rebuttal #2: One's person pornography is another person's free expression. What about lesbian pornography, for instance? The people who attempt to ban what they dislike in the media may end up having their own expression threatened. The constitutional scholar Catherine MacKinnen, an advocate for banning pornography, saw her own works banned in Canada by the law she advocated, rather than the type of violent pornography she expected to see banned, according to the internet magazine The Ethical Spectacle.


Personal Solutions:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Proposition Statement: Even if the Assignment

Instead, support free speech in all its forms, so that your own free speech will be supported.

Successful Solutions:

Compare our own governmental system to that of more repressive regimes. Have to tolerate excesses of free speech to enjoy benefits.

A clear plan of action.

What is so frustrating is that opposition to censorship not always clear plan. Sometimes it's the opposite -- tolerating what you dislike so you have your own rights in tact to express yourself.



Don't give into that impulses to say ban it when you see something you dislike!

The problem:

The problem is not the existence of exploitative media; it's that people don't speak out enough against it.

The causes:

The causes are too deep in our culture to be corrected by the cosmetic surgery of censorship.

Personal efforts:

Everyone needs to make a personal resolution to speak out everyday when they see something they don't like.

Reiterate opponents' views/reinforce proposal:

This might feel more difficult and frightening than advocating banning.

Remind audience of solution:

But engagement not censorship is the ultimate defense.

Remember that example about 'fire in a crowded theater?' You know what that was in reference to? Well, the Supreme Court justice who said it was making an analogy between shouting fire and people speaking out against the war in World War I. To him, opposition to the government's policy was immoral. Fortunately, the courts don't think that way today -- but think twice before you as citizens advocate censorship as a tool to deal with exploitative media images. I'm still not sure we should trust them, and I don't mean to alarm you by shouting 'fire' I mean for you to be intelligently aware of legislation's limitations.

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