Pros of Investing Research Paper

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For investors, this will help the firm to be able to remain competitive by directly understanding the problems and quickly dealing with them. In the future, this is increasing productivity and the returns they are realizing.

The source that was written by Becker is focused on how to: implement organizational behavior and control. This is because his ideas are providing managers with a blue print to improve the operating environment where it is supportive of various stakeholders. When this takes place, everyone is willing to go the extra mile for the organization. This is the point that there will be a transformation in the atmosphere of the firm by focusing on specific areas that will address day-to-day issues. For investors, this will provide them with positive benefits will increase profit margins through: dealing with potential challenges when they are small. This is the point that everyone will work together in achieving the larger organizational objectives.

Evaluate the work of professionals and the recent contributions of the authors chosen

The different works are showing how investors are interested in being able to increase the overall returns they are receiving. This is accomplished through having executives implement policies and procedures that will address potential internal and external challenges. In the future, this will ensure that the company is able to meet the needs of stakeholders.

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At the same time, there is a focus on addressing the needs of customers. This is because delivering different products to consumers will require understanding what they want. The best way that this can be achieved is to have employees know what cliental is looking for and communicating these ideas with managers. They will take these views and implement them into the business model. This is how a company can stay ahead of competitors in understanding the needs of consumers and quickly addressing them.

Research Paper on Pros of Investing in the Assignment

In the case of investors, these ideas will help them to realize a higher overall return. At the same time, this can serve as a way of providing oversight by: monitoring their activities and scrutinizing them during the election of the board of directors. If they are unhappy, this group can be able to introduce sweeping changes that will force them to follow these objectives. This will promote stability, by ensuring that there is a series of checks and balances to prevent possible abuses from taking place. At the same time, this will improve the standard of living and create jobs in numerous regions around the world.


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