Pros of Teeth Whiting Research Paper

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Teeth Whitening

Mike had often had the same frustrating experience in social situations. He would make eye contact with an attractive female who seemed interested in talking to him. He would start a conversation and the woman would seem to lose interest in talking to him very quickly. It got to the point where Mike could actually see in a woman's eyes exactly when she lost her interest in talking to him and he had no idea what he might have done or said to cause that to happen. At first, he thought it might have been something that he said that insulted the woman unintentionally so he became extremely careful about what he talked about in his initial conversations but the same thing continued to happen to him: women who had smiled at him or who had returned his smile would begin talking to him and then obviously lose interest very quickly.

Because he had become so careful about what he said in his introductory conversations, he realized it was probably not about anything he said since it happened even when he said little more than "Hello, I'm Mike; what's your name?" He thought maybe he had a breath problem and began asking people if he had bad breath because he knew that it can be hard to detect your own halitosis. His friends confirmed that his breath was not an issue.

Identification of the Problem

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Eventually, one of his female friends said that she thought she might know what the problem was but she said that she was afraid of hurting Mike's feelings by mentioning it. Mike told her that he would not take it personally but if she might know what the problem was it would really help him out to tell him because he was getting very frustrated with the situation. Reluctantly, she told him that his teeth were very yellow, almost brown, in fact, and she thought that this might be the problem. Women might be attracted to his face and his physique but when they got close enough to have a conversation, they probably got turned off by Mike's yellowed teeth. She apologized for insulting him but Mike said that he really appreciated it and that the color of his teeth was something that he never would have considered, especially since he had worn braces as a child and his teeth were very straight.

Research Paper on Pros of Teeth Whiting Assignment

First Attempt to Solve the Problem

Mike went to the local drug store to look through the toothpaste and mouth product isle to pick out one of the many over-the-counter teeth whiteners to solve the problem. First, he tried a gel that came with a molded tooth tray. The instructions said to spread the gel into the tray and then wear the tray all night while he slept and the product offered a money-back guarantee if the results were unsatisfactory. After two weeks, there seemed to be little change if any. Mike typed out a letter explaining that the product failed to work and prepared a package to return it to the manufacturer with his sales receipt for his refund under the money-back guarantee. He went back to the drugstore and picked out a different teeth whitening product. This one consisted of whitening strips that he was supposed to stick to his teeth and wear them while he slept. He followed the directions carefully, but after another two weeks there was again almost no change in the color of his teeth. Mike also prepared a package and returned the second product for a money-back-guaranteed refund by that manufacturer.

Attempt to Understand the Importance of White Teeth

Mike was even more frustrated than before because he had high hopes that the available products would help him overcome this social problem. In the meantime, he… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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