Prostitution Problem in Los Angeles Term Paper

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He says that "If you talk to people who live in these neighborhoods... multiple times during the night people park in front of their houses and engage in illegal activities, then leave their trash on the street for children and residents to find," This a radical method of fighting prostitution and in itself indicates the graveness of the situation. (prostitutes have virtually invaded all the important places of the city). [Gina Keating]

Many other States have a totally different approach to this problem. In Florida for example law enforcement officials have a novel program wherein the prostitutes are provided with 'spending money' and a free bus ticket to leave the city. (5 years banishment). While this kind of approach may work out to some degree of success it does not address the root of the problem and this approach only leads to the shifting or relocating the problem to another location, (Usually Prostitutes end up in Washington). [Author not Available]

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Prostitution Problem in Los Angeles Assignment

Henry Pegeron, an experienced Los Angeles County Sheriff opines that effective control of the prostitution menace is only possible by a combined effort on the part of the cops and the local community. From his experience Pegeron recounts that invariably the prostitute is associated with other kinds of illegal activities like drug trafficking and selling. Henry also points out that in majority of the cases people are unwilling to get themselves involved in cases against the customers of the prostitutes and hence refrain from giving information to the cops. Unless community policing helps the cops get some concrete evidence of the illegal prostitute activity and their customers it will be of little use in eradicating prostitution. Furthermore enforcing strict laws aren't the only solution to the problem of prostitution. Eradicating prostitution would involve educating and reforming the people involved in the trade (especially the children). Since prostitution and other drug related problems are inter-related any solution would prove to be a waste unless it has a reformative approach to it that would help the people entangled in the problem to lead a new life.


Prostitution is slowly invading each nook and corner of Los Angeles. What we need is a solution that would be reformative and give the people caught up in the ring of prostitution a new way of life. Educating the deserted and outcast children on the issue would go a long way in preventing the birth of another generation of prostitutes. Rehabilitating the prostitutes by providing them with new opportunities to make them economically stable will be the best method to eradicate this evil from the society. Community policing would be a good solution to monitor the problem, as it requires a combined and cooperative effort on the part of the Law enforcement officials and the public to tackle this menace effectively.


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