Prostrate Cancer Health Disparities Research Paper

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(American Cancer Society, 2003). For 1996 to 2009, new prostate cancer incidence rates and death rates from prostate cancer among Hispanic men surpassed the proportions for Pacific Islanders and Asian-Americans and but were lesser than those for African-Americans and whites. (National Cancer Institute, 2002).

Mexican-American men have meaningfully lesser amounts of prostate cancer than those that are of non-Latino whites and African-Americans. The quantities for Cuban-American and Puerto Rican men are alike to those for whites of non-Latino background. (Intercultural Cancer Council, 2001)

Hispanics/Latinos males when it comes for treatment for prostate cancer are also disturbed by many financial and cultural disparities in health care, comprising of unequal influence in federally subsidized cancer study. Furthermore, lack of contribution in health investigation has deferred the development of discouragement and action labors for this unusual population group. Among Latino males, inadequate screening and defensive care normally leads to late diagnosis, later or inadequate treatment and, with some cancers, higher humankind.

Social Work Practice with Cancer Patients

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For black and Latino males that have been diagnosed with cancer, a social worker is a very vital member of the health care team. A social worker will be able to provide counseling, education, and information services, and transfers to community means to these patients and their family members. Furthermore, a social worker will be able to assist these people in navigating the health care system and find encouragement to achieve the day-to-day tests of living with cancer.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Prostrate Cancer Health Disparities Among Assignment

As a Social worker, in order to intervene, and improve health outcomes, I would like a bridge in helping these people to be able to connect to the resources that they will have to need in order for them to really find practical help for them. For some of the patients, this might mean involving a transfer to the financial aid office of the hospital, or directions for applying for disability, or a clarification of rights that are supposed to be covered up under the Family Medical Leave Act. For others patients, it will more than likely mean learning about support groups that are stationed at the local community wellness center. As a social worker, it would be easy to also help begin dialogues about the cost of cancer care. It would also be my duty to connect them with other people that are going through the same thing that they are. It would be explained to them the importance of them joining a support group for survivors and discover the best accepting and help from other people in alike circumstances.

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