Research Paper: Protecting Customer Rights Compliance Research

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[. . .] This signifies the level of customer satisfaction that the company brings to its customers

. Additionally, through the data services via the company, the customer increases their productivity; hence, success in their endeavors as is the vision and objective of the founders of the Data Mart Company. The services of data and the security of the data therein ensure reliability and enhance applications survival in the wake of infrastructure failure. This gives guarantee to the customer using the services of the company in their business. Additionally, the company ensures that the customer utilizing their services gets reduced costs of equipment, as well as reduced costs of the information technology labor employed. The information labor is minimal as data mart ensures that the applications, services, and applications of data available to consumers are cheap and easy to use

. Lastly, it provides independence to the customer, as they have the full control to run their business cloud environment through use of the Data Mart cloud services and applications.

Currently, technology is taking the evolution of businesses to the highest levels of innovations and investments. Economic wars and crimes continue to limit the operations and extensiveness of any business venture that operates within the given jurisdiction. In this course of events, the various jurisdictions continue to set structures that regulate the business environment and protect the consumer as well as, the persons directing the business ventures. It is a matter of international concern as several articles and reliable reports indicate the strides taken to regulate the skyrocketing prices and other negative influence of businesses on the people. Technology industry is one key industry that the entire world has its eyes and hopes in; to ensure that they achieve the levels of development they envision for their countries and business ventures

. For instance, there are several cases of increased crimes involving the use and application of cyber technologies. The internet remains a threat to the security of many consumers of various data and services provided via the internet. Currently, the rankings of the crimes committed on a daily basis involving the exploitation of the cyber space services are remarkably high. This indicates the high levels of risk involved in the internet and information technology industry. Cloud computing came as a measure to ensure that consumers of information technology services and applications get the desired resources and assistance without interruptions and inhibition. However, challenges arise daily due to the high number of computer literate criminals who are on the outlook to devour unsuspecting and innocent consumers of technology services

. Cases of crimes committed by people and even business organizations through backdoor operations with the information and data provided in the cyber space are high. The crime of industrial fraud and espionage continue to risk the lives and business ventures; of every business that operates and survives on the services offered via cloud computing and other cyberspace services.

Therefore, the various jurisdictions that incorporate the online industry try to set regulations that govern the operations within the internet space. The setting of business on basis of the internet is a lucrative venture. It also has the added advantage of the ease of growing the customer base and consequently, expanding the market, as well as, increasing the sales of the venture. However, the procedure of applying and executing an online venture comes with extended compliance and legal considerations due to the issue of privacy, security, copyright and taxation. The customers are at the highest risk when the crimes start hitting the online venture; hence, the need to protect the unsuspecting consumers from the waiting crimes in the cyber space

. These regulations and compliance issues continue to raise heated debates as to the level to which they apply. The cloud computing business venture is the latest invention in business-oriented technologies. This venture deals with the provision of data services and information to business organizations and companies exclusively. These ventures involve large commitments of capitals and profits. This means that this area is indeed a target area for crimes such as fraud and theft. Several federal jurisdictions across the globe have the consumer protection regulations and laws. This help to deter the consumer from bearing the effects of crime from the business venture or other people

. The cloud computing industry is not exception, as rules governing the transaction process over the internet present the protection the consumers require. However, despite having these regulations in place, the industry still faces the advanced challenges in ensuring the protection of the consumer.

Data Mart is one such company operating over the cyber space and dealing with the sensitive service of data and applications handling. Therefore, in this line, it is subject to the federal trade commission, which regulates the operations and activities of the businesses that operate over the cyber space. It is subject to the regulations that govern consumer protection while working to provide services and earn profits. The company does have compliance to the outlined laws of the federal with the virtualized environment guiding the internal regulations of the company

. From its core principles, the company outlines its intent to ensure security and satisfaction of the customer needs. In the cloud computing industry, data recovery is essential. Developing the data management and protection strategies is a significant concept in the industry to ensure that there is consumer protection. Other factors of consumer protection are engraved in the consumer protection measures in place to guide the industry.

The legal regulation for compliance

Compliance is essentially that act of conforming to the given rule. Policies governing an industry aim to regulate the agencies and companies in that industry while operating. There are an increased number of regulations and regulations for compliance in the cyber space industry. The rules governing outsourcing and cloud computing are there for data protection. However, the law regulating cloud computing is not static as the industry is equally dynamic. As the industry evolves, new laws come in place to regulate the responsibilities of the users of cloud computing, as well as, the providers. The first regulation caters for the scope of processing. The regulation necessitates that the provider of the data processing services should have the permission to process the data and the reason, for which to process the data. Most clients go for processed data from cloud computing service provider without confirming the eligibility of the data processed

. Therefore, it is necessary for Data Mart to have the permission to process the given data and consequently for the right reasons. Additionally, most consumers of the services of the company are other business ventures; thus, to protect them, the company should be compliant to the regulation of the scope of data processing.

Secondly, there is the aspect of data localization. Data localization entails the ability of the consumer to export data. Therefore, this means that consumers have the obligation to know the source of the data and the authenticity of that source. The company does provide services to its consumers that involve the export of data to their local connection settings. This means that, it is necessary for Data Mart to employ structures to confer to the authentication of their source to provide localized data to consumers that are safe for consumption. Localized data involves prior consultations. Therefore, it is the duty of the company to facilitate the procedure of localizing the data it holds within its clouding services to ensure that clients are safe. Lastly, there is the rule and regulation that governs the security of data. The contracting act stipulates the organizational and technical measures of security of the data provided by the service provider

. This act; therefore, declares the various measures of consumer protection in terms of the content the customer gets. Additionally, the security measures also govern the quality of data that the consumer gets

. The consumer has the entitlement to data that meet their needs; thus, the company ought to comply with the stipulations of data content authenticity. Moreover, the company also as to comply with the regulation that governs the security of data services of other organizations or consumers, which is applicable as input data to other consumers. This means that the protection of the consumer whose information is for sharing is a key aspect of compliance for the data providing company. Thus, the company, Data Mart as it is in the line of providing data over the space it works within, it is necessary to adopt the measures that will guide it towards an effective and safe working environment.

The significance of the company compliance

Compliance to a given rule or regulation is not a choice but an obligation. It is the duty of the company governed by the stipulated rules and regulations to comply in order to peacefully exist within the industry. The compliance of the company to the legal jurisdiction entitles the company to have sovereignty of data. The regulation does allow the company to gain… [END OF PREVIEW]

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