Psychic Phenomena Academic Journals Alvarado, C.S Annotated Bibliography

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Psychic Phenomena

Academic Journals

Alvarado, C.S., & Nahm, M. (2011). Psychic phenomena and the vital force: Hereward Carrington on "vital energy and psychical phenomena." Journal of The Society For Psychical Research, 75(903), 91-103.

Carrington argued that metabolic processes, and life itself, were produced by a vital force that did not depend on the body for its production: this force could be projected from the body and cause physical phenomena, such as movement of objects and materializations.

Evaluation: While his views are in some ways inconsistent with other parapsychologists, they remain a valuable window to past aspects of parapsychological theory.

Howard, R.G. (2010). Can an ordinary person be trained to use the psychic senses? Journal of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies, 33(2), 101-110.

Summary: Psychic faculties are commonly available to most people. This is not generally recognized because it is not believed to be true. One must first believe in the reality of an event before one can perceive it and achieve it. If more people used their psychic senses, there would be a higher probability of the various psychic phenomena. Evaluation: Much easy to understand details are given to learning about the Perceiver Faculty of the Brain and how to train to effectively utilized extrasensory consciousness.

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3. Hankey, A. (2007). The influence of psychic phenomena: a new light on health. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.), 13(8), 787-788.

Summary: Our brains' conscious perception uses quantum states; this is a sufficient condition for psychic phenomena to be possible. Evaluation: Language is a difficult to understand when trying to make a connection of psychic abilities to meditation. It suggests that any technique for promoting the healthy function of the subtle bodies will benefit health.

Magazine Periodicals

Annotated Bibliography on Psychic Phenomena Academic Journals Alvarado, C.S., & Assignment

4. Powell, DH (2009). Twin telepathy and the illusion of separation. Shift: At The Frontiers of Consciousness, (22), 20-25.

Summary: It notes that despite substantial reports and evidence that validated the psychic phenomena, the scientific community remains largely resistant. It cites the revolutionary phenomenon of telepathic communication between twins. Evaluation: With merit, article depicts numerous cases that have been gathered in the past that cannot be explained through synchronicity or genetics.

5. Boom times on the psychic frontier. (1974). Time, 103(9), 75.

Summary: article focuses on the psychic phenomena in the U.S. And abroad. It states that the book "The Secret Life of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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