Psycho Path Reflections of Mental Health Concept Essay

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Psycho Path, Reflections of Mental Health Concept

Reflections of mental health concept

Mental health is a field that has evoked diverse feelings and thoughts due to its complexity. Definition of mental health changes with time, culture, professional predisposition, individual difference and political ambiance of that time. The accepted definition of mental health is the state of successful functioning of mind, resulting in the ability to cope with adversity, enjoy fulfilling relationships and engage in productive actions (Widiger 2011). It is a level of emotional well-being. It is not just absence of mental disorder. Mental health gives people capacity to think rationally, communicate effectively, learn, grow emotionally and have self-esteem.

Mental health is hence viewed as a continuum, in which individuals have diverse personal attributes and values. The mental state is determined by level of stress and distress and impaired involvement Kirk, 2005. However, the cut line as to when it the state of mind becomes an illness is not clearly defined. The first side of the continuum features character of negotiating life events without being overcome by stress hence positive emotional health (Widiger 2011). Stress and other discomforts resulting from daily activities in this state of mental health do not impair the daily functions such as solving problems, eating or sleeping. In general, the individual can solve their own stress events without professional help. When there results substantial negative stressful events, which are prolonged and difficult to attend to personally, this change into the second side of the continuum. This is called mental health problem.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Psycho Path Reflections of Mental Health Concept Assignment

Mental health problem is divided into two: mental illness and emotional problems. Emotional problems create discomfort and noticeably impair normal activities such as sleep habits and concentration (Jablensky & Kendell, 2003). In this situation, individual might be diagnosed with situational depression. Mental illness on the other hand, is more serious characterized by prolonged alterations in the mood, thinking and behavior of individual. The mental illnesses include disorders like anxiety and depression and schizophrenia. Some mental illnesses are biologically linked. These are as a result of dysfunctional neurotransmitters, abnormal structure of brain, inheritable genetic factor and other biological grounds. Other mental illnesses are as a result of environmental factors such as experiences that cause shock and trauma, difficulties in a relationship and job loss (Spitzer & Wakefield, 1999). Cultural factors such as racism and discrimination on the base of ethnicity, violence and poverty also may result in cases of mental illness.

All human behavior is explained psychologically from the aspect of the continuum in two main dimensions. These are: continuum from adaptive to maladaptive and continuum from constructive to destructive (Widiger 2011). In adaptive, behavior is assessed on the basis of the degree to which it may contribute to psychological stability, while in maladaptive leads to generation of more problems in behavior of individual. Adaptive behavior solves the problems, enhancing life of individual.

Behavior in a constructive-distractive continuum, affects both individual and others. Destructive behavior leads to failure to deal with the problem and may result in a permanent condition or death of individual. Constructive behavior has a positive influence on psychological growth.

It is tricky to establish what is normal from the abnormal mental health (Booker & Waugh 2007). Many people are afraid of the stigma associated hence tend to hide the symptoms until they are severe. However, the normal individual usually is expected to behave in a conduct to demonstrate that they take pleasure in life. A normal person sees their responsibility in meeting needs and other activities. The person can control their behavior, realizing the confines to their abilities, and respond accordingly to rules, customs and routines of the group they belong. A normal individual is effective in judgment and persists to meet the set goals and has self-confidence. Normal state of mind also is one that experiences stability and satisfaction in relationships and is integrated fully in society.

Abnormal behaviors are such as major depression episodes, loss of pleasure in almost every activity, being moody and discouraged. The person may not manage to control anger and emotional issues. They also may experience hallucinations, low self-esteem and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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