Psychoanalysis the Opening Phase Term Paper

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The denial is closely linked to his relationships, as Carlos feels entitled to the love of the woman as if he were not sick. At one point, Yalom (1989) states directly to Carlos that he "doesn't make any sense at all," (74). This is a cornerstone of Adlerian therapy, in which the therapist treats the patient as an equal. He is direct and forthcoming about the analysis of Carlos's irrational thought processes. Yalom (1989) also relies on Adlerian therapy in the sense that the two maintain a strong and healthy therapeutic relationship that borders on the friendship; and Yalom (1989) helps Carlos to uncover his lifestyle dynamics. The lifestyle dynamics are revealed when Yalom (1989) asks Carlos to consider a world in which rape were legal, asking him to place his daughter squarely within that world. Playing into Carlos's warped vision allows Carlos to recognize the dysfunction of the vision. He gains insight and reorientation, keys to the Adlerian therapeutic process (text). Yalom (1989) uses similar techniques when he walks Carlos through a scenario in which he were to marry Ruth and then die, leaving her bereaved.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Psychoanalysis the Opening Phase of Assignment

Yalom (1989)'s multi-modal approach allows Carlos to come to terms with mortality in his own way. Drawing from Rogerian therapy, Yalom (1989) uses unconditional positive regard to care for the patient with empathy and understanding of Carlos's internal frame of reference even when the client is highly distasteful and socially reprehensible. Overcoming Carlos's…
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