Article Critique: Psychological Condition That Is Increasingly Being

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¶ … psychological condition that is increasingly being brought to the forefront is: gender dysphoria. This is when someone believes that they have been placed in body of the wrong sex. Where, the individual will have feelings and emotions similar to the opposite sex. As these feelings and emotions become stronger, some will often have sex change operations performed or will begin to dress like the intended sex. This has created a number of different issues, with those people suffering from these conditions, seeking out ways to help fill the obvious conflict that they are going through. In the article, He? She? Whatever!, the author examines the effect that is occurring at a California high school. Where, a beloved teacher and football coach, announced that he would be undergoing a sex change operation (Dana Rivers). A part of preparing for this procedure was undergoing hormone treatment and starting to dress like a woman (in advance of the operation). At first, the school district accepted the teacher's decision, provided that they do not talk to students about what is happening and do not discuss what is happening in public. The teacher violated this agreement, by discussing the issue with several students and giving a detailed interview to the school newspaper. As a result, the teacher was subsequently placed on leave of absence pending an appeal hearing. This is significant, because it show how this condition is affecting a wide variety of individuals. To fully understand the impact that this condition would have on the individual and the community requires: examining the author's major themes, how these views are relevant to the study of Abnormal Psychology, how this is related to other ideas on the subject, an examination of how the article would have an impact on previous ideas and the implications drawn by the author. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how this psychological condition needs to be addressed in the future. (Hornbl, 1999)

Major Themes

In the article, the author discusses how there have been other teachers in schools districts in California, who have had sex change operations. The differences are: they followed a policy of maintaining a low profile and slowly integrating them into the environment. In this situation, the students love Rivers and want to understand why he is engaging in these actions. This is important, because it highlights a major theme, where the students need answers, but the way Rivers handled it is causing the liabilities and publicity to increase. (Hornbl, 1999)

How this view is relevant to the study of Abnormal Psychology?

This view is relevant to the study of Abnormal Psychology, because it shows the underlying levels of conflict that Rivers was going through. As he had to wrestle with not only gender, but also the psychological impact that this would have upon: the individual, students and parents. In many ways, one could infer that the decision to speak to the students about: what transpired and to give an interview to the school newspaper, are ways of highlighting these deep psychological issues that need to be addressed. As a result, this condition more than likely, led to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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