Psychology of Age and Euthanasia Research Paper

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Often time being open and discussing the future one death has been accepted by all parties can create a loving and bonding relationship. A wide range of ethical issues such as euthanasia, passive euthanasia, and voluntary active euthanasia may come up in a dying process. Socially, people hold many different opinions about the subject of euthanasia and can lead to very debatable conversations resulting in tension within a family.

Euthanasia may be an option if the patient is terminally ill. Patients with cancer or any other disease that cannot be treated live with it until the day they die. "Allowing people to choose to end treatment is one way to fight the nations soaring care bills" (Jussim 11). They can try to treat it and decrease the amount of pain, but euthanasia is faster and cheaper then any other solution. This decision might be hard on family and friends but they might not understand unless they are in the position. With some patients, the decision of their life may be in the hands of their closest family members.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Psychology of Age and Euthanasia Assignment

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