Psychology of the Consumer Behavior Essay

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These were the things which are the ultimate needs of the life and without them survival is almost not possible or extremely difficult. 21st century has introduced a new set of mind in the people and that has shattering consequences in the form of psychological complexes aka disorders. The common one is dissatisfaction. You will easily find the people who would be urging for the things they do not need, or without which a nice survival is possible. Being a part of the society, you have a natural urge to being on the equal status of your peeps hence if you can get all that, you will be psychologically vulnerable. Thus the importance of material possessions has greatly been increased due to the IT revolution and technological advancement (Steven, 1995) and this is the very reason why rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. The examples can be mobile phone, Mp3/mp4 players, laptop, iPhones, iPods, tablets, own car, and things of this sort. Every young mind is inclined towards getting them regardless of the resources they have. There is a psychological push. Or else they will keep feeling guilty and hiding the low profiles.

Apart from all that, material possessions also depict social values and cultural norms. An individual normally go for the things which have the social approval or cultural support. They also reveal about the personality to some extent. They are also responsible for the healthy or rough relationships. So all these things collectively put the psychological pressure on the human mind and the only way to get the satisfaction is to get them. (Appadurai, 1986)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Psychology of the Consumer Behavior Assignment

Now going to the consequences of 'if not'; the individual after trying his best to get moves to the illegal ways which are not socially accepted. But in order to satisfy his conscience he does it. Another factor can be suicide. Since it is now the third major reason of death worldwide, the reasons can be the high rate of anxiety and depressions particularly due to these aspects. As a result the crime rate has greatly been increased by now and it is till increasing. The unequal distribution of the wealth and psychological urge of material possessions has pushed the poor or low profile people off their thresholds.

Critical analysis

One of the major reasons for inculcating a psychological feeding of material possessions is the media. An eye which keeps on watching the ads on the TV of different and expensive brands does convey the message to the brain that it wants to covet it. The continuous process of desiring and not getting puts them under the impression of being inferior, having no identity, showable status, wealth, appreciable profile and etc. things hence they either start hiding the reality or try to find escapes like isolation from the people and society or suicide. Unfortunately, nowadays people are judged by the material possessions and not by the behaviors. It is the social crisis, practiced almost in every part of the world. Henceforth the problems particularly the psychological problems are arising day by day. People should realize that everyone can not have the same social or financial status and hence judging on the basis of the material possessions and the symbolic-expressions functions they perform is completely out of question. There are always two ways to satisfy the psychological needs, one is to get what you want and the other is to make yourself understand that life is possible without that particular things, it doesn't completely stop. The latter is quite difficult but a little effort can help!


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