Psychology - Counseling Race and Ethnicity Term Paper

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Psychology - Counseling; Race & Ethnicity

Psychology - Counseling;

Race and Ethnicity

The Cost of Whiteness" (Thandeka)

Thandeka exudes a level of conceptive development in "The Cost of Whiteness," regarding the progression of racial perception as it pertains to the Caucasian ethnicity. In detailing the allowance of assumptions that sustain such bigotry, the teachings that maintain ignorance and the subtle teachings that promote racism, Thandeka describes the inner-workings of society among whites that distinguishes in cost; the many attributing factors that subject the level of thinking that surrounds racially biased consideration.

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The concepts of "whiteness," as they appear to me in 'The Cost of Whiteness,' are poorly labeled and derive an understanding that is misleading. The term 'whiteness' that is used throughout the authors dissertation on what appears to be simple ignorance, bigotry and racism, is fair and accurate in terms of the distinguishing of racial and ethnical regard. However, placing the term 'whiteness' adheres with the judgments and classifications, despite the accuracy of the content, in such a way that we are led to believe that color is the overarching factor and influence behind such naive ignorance as is depicted among the subjects of the research that deploy the provided degrees of racism - a quintessential mistake angrily and passionately noted on the opposite end of these racial divides when the opposing parallel of the subject term is expressed in the same context back toward the other direction.

Everybody's Ethnic Enigma" (Jelita McCleod)

Term Paper on Psychology - Counseling; Race & Ethnicity Psychology Assignment

Miss McCleod provides a very insightful and somewhat humorously cynical view into the circumstances of presumptuousness, lost-grace, unmelodic interaction with strangers and the struggles of outward and inward impression as it impacts ourselves and those we come into contact with. With a somewhat inspirational take on what it feels like to be fed up with forward, ill-courteous communication or interaction, McCleod expresses the true nature of naivety in the realm of racial defines. Being of mixed ethnicity, McCleods particular experience and insight into such topics is fully nurtured by an obvious degree of intelligence that so greatly surpasses mediocrity that her way of describing the absurdity of people's uncouthness is almost ridiculously hilarious, yet to the T. In terms of their illogicality and ignorance.

Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" (Beverly Daniel Tatum)

Beverly Daniel Tatum's book - Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? - is an exceptional source of direct imminence into the world of segregations, especially in consideration of its manifestation in childhood. Touching base on such topics as unrecognized separation and the adaptations of the decline of a child's perception of segregation as a simple, necessitated occurrence of coincidence or preference unsupported by outward and deeply rooted influence over racial factors is superiorly described through Tatum's own experiences and forthright opinions. The development of racial segregation is perhaps the most important phase of its… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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