Psychology - Counseling the Social Research Paper

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However, intervention, according to social constructionists, is a therapeutic conversation. It is also a linguistic event, a joint search and examination through dialogue, a two-way trade of ideas in which new meanings are recurrently evolving toward the dissolving of problems. In other words, the emphasis is not to solve or eliminate the problems but to open space for conversation (Lit & Shek, 2002).

In the eyes of social constructionists, therapists are the coauthors who engage in the coauthoring process with the client together. The therapeutic conversation is believed to be a linguistic event that takes place in the interaction process. Social constructionists further maintain that no one persons understanding could override the others. There is also nonexistence of theoretically formed truths and knowledge (Lit & Shek, 2002).

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Social constructionism holds that information created in conversations between people is perhaps best understood inside the context of a conversational area. Social constructionism is, itself, a social structure that is always changing and subject to reconstruction. It has been disputed that some articulations of Social constructionism exaggerate language and thus pay no attention to the overlap between relational knowing and that of biologically-based constructivism. The latter is an epistemological formulation that has succeeded and has been influenced by humanism. As a result of this transformation professionals in the field have come to distinguish the benefits and limitations that social constructionism has and admit that this faction is a fluid and developing framework of ideas (Rudes & Guterman, 2007).


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Research Paper on Psychology - Counseling the Social Assignment

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Rudes, J., & Guterman, J.T. (2007). The value of social constructionism for the counseling profession: A reply to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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