Psychology Definitions Psychosis = Loss of Contact Research Paper

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Psychology Definitions

Psychosis = Loss of contact with reality.

Downward drift = Lower achievement than parents or family members in terms of social class, employment, and financial stability.

Positive vs. negative symptoms = Positive symptoms are present in the disorder and characterize it; Negative symptoms are present in normally functioning people, but absent in people with the disorder.

Delusions of persecution = the mistaken belief that someone or something is pursuing the individual and means him or her harm.

Difference between hallucinations and delusions = Hallucinations are sense perceptions, such as hearing, seeing, or smelling things that do not in fact exist in reality. Delusions are patterns of thought about the self or the world that are not true or realistic.

Types of schizophrenia (disorganized, catatonic, paranoid, undifferentiated) = Disorganized: Characterized by disorganized speech patterns.

Catatonic: Movement disturbances.

Paranoid: Including delusions and hallucinations.

Undifferentiated: A combination of symptoms.

Genetics and schizophrenia (first degree relatives of a schizophrenic person more likely than second or third degree relatives to develop schizophrenia) = Refers to the likelihood of inheriting the condition on a genetic level.

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Stress-vulnerability model = the model according to which an individual's susceptibility to stress determines his or her likelihood to develop a mental disorder.

Token economy = Systematic positive reinforcement to encourage behavior change.

Milieu therapy = Environmental factors are used to encourage recovery.

Chapter 13

Personality = Elements of character and behavior that make an individual distinct from others.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Psychology Definitions Psychosis = Loss of Contact Assignment

Difference between personality characteristics and personality disorders = Personality characteristics identify a person as individual. These are generally not harmful. Personality disorders will create some form of disturbance for the sufferer or those around him or her.

Comorbidity = Symptoms of more than one condition experienced by the same… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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