Psychology Developmental Children's Use Term Paper

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Games can be motivational intellectually in the pre-school and primary school curriculum. (Kamii & Devries, 1980, Kamii, 1985)

Adults Interaction and Role in Children's Play:

The adult role in children's play should follow guidelines. The adult should value children's play and talk to the child about their play. When appropriate, play with the child, most specifically during the early years. Creation of a playful atmosphere as well as provision of materials that are conducive to exploration in play is important. Sometimes offering a new prop or suggesting new roles can provide more productive experiences through play. The adult should intervene to assure safety in play as well as negotiating conflicts between children that the children are unable to find a solution to themselves. (Caldwell, 1977). According to Sroufe, Cooper and & DeHart, 1996), a primary focus has been early attachment relationships with the primary caregivers and other aspects of early care. Individual differences in the quality of these relationship experiences are predicted to be linked to peer relationships in all phases of development.


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The progression from simple to complex play is not an easy shift for some children in that children may exhibit nonsocial behavior which has been connected to peer rejection, social anxiety, loneliness, depression and negative esteem later in childhood and adolescence. Nonsocial play is also a negative indicator in terms of academic success. I recent studies the trend of nonsocial play was more often seen in classroom that were Title I having a larger proportion of children from low socioeconomic households. This in itself gives notice that policy makers need a better understanding of the cognitive development connections to children play in terms of academic performance.


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Term Paper on Psychology Developmental Children's Use of Assignment

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