Psychology Improving Memory Is the Processes Research Paper

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Improving Memory

Memory is the processes that are used to obtain, store, keep and later recall information. There are three major courses that are involved in memory. These are encoding, storage and retrieval. In order to shape new memories, information must be altered into a usable structure, which happens by way of the process known as encoding. Once information has been effectively encoded, it must be stored in memory for use at a later point in time. A lot of this stored memory lies outside of ones awareness most of the time, except when they actually need to use it. The retrieval process permits one to bring stored memories into mindful awareness for use (Cherry, 2012).

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Essentially, encoding refers to interpreting incoming information into a mental image that can be stored in memory. One can encode the same information in a variety of different ways. For example, one can encode information in relation to its sound or acoustic code, what it looks like or its visual code, or what it means or its semantic code. Storage is the course of holding information in ones memory. A division is frequently made between short-term and long-term memory. Short-term memory is considered to be brief and transient, while long-term memory permits a person to store something for a longer period of time. Retrieval is the progression of actually remembering something when needed. If one thinks about those times when they know a word or name but just can't seem to recall it, they will appreciate how retrieval is different from storage. In terms of memory enhancement, it can help to recognize how the retrieval process is connected to encoding and storage. Consider the connection between retrieval and encoding. If a person encoded something visually, but is then attempting to retrieve it acoustically, one will have a hard time remembering. Like encoding, information can be recalled by way of visualizing it, thinking about the meaning, or imagining the sound. "The more ways information has been encoded, the more ways there are for retrieving it" (Memory - Theories and Processes, 2008).

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