Psychology on a Medical Radiologist Term Paper

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[. . .] This will help with developing understanding and a good working relationship. I can also use what I learnt about personality and behavior to understand how my superior reacts to things and to find hidden meanings. For example, I have been in other work situations where a boss has said everything is fine, when really they are unhappy about something. By using my knowledge of psychology I can assess my superior's real feelings. This will help me to deal with situations, rather than have a situation occur where the relationship becomes strained.

Secondly, I will have to develop relationships with peers and people in other departments. My knowledge of perceptions, communication, personality and behavior will all help manage these relationships. I can use empathy to consider how others perceive me. I can also use my psychology knowledge to recognize any conflict situations and deal with the conflict.

Finally, it is likely that in my career I will be in a role where I supervise others. My psychology knowledge has taught me a lot about what motivates people and how different personalities require different forms of leadership. Understanding this, I will be able to adapt my leadership style to meet the needs of the different people I am leading. I will also be able to recognize how I am perceived by my employees and recognize if there are any conflict situations. This will allow me to manage people more effectively.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Psychology on a Medical Radiologist's Assignment

Overall then, I see my psychology knowledge as impacting on many areas of my working life. It will help me deal with patients, it will help me understand myself and to cope effectively with the stress of the work environment and it will help me build effective relationships with supervisors, peers and subordinates. In this way, my understanding of psychology will be a constant resource that will help me to understand and deal with many important areas within my… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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