Psychology What Are the Similarities Research Paper

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What are true experiments?

True experiments consist of more than a single purposively designed group, random assignment, and outcomes that are commonly measured. Ethnicity and sex cannot satisfy such requirements because it is impossible to manipulate them without purpose. These designs only occur when a sample is chosen in random and assigned to comparison groups and program. If the researchers can perform the experiments using random assignments, it means that the experiment programs are true designs.

How are threats to internal validity controlled by true experiments?

Bias is a menace to interior validity. It is the primary source of errors into results and measurements. Bias occurs when experimental items that are in favor of an age, ethnic group, or gender are used. Bias is a serious threat to internal validity because it creates an unconventional elucidation for the domino effect of a research conducted. True experiments can be used to control threats such as bias. True experiments control much of such threats through ensuring that the experimental treatment groups are equivalent before the study begins. This helps the researcher to control factors such as regression and self-selection towards the mean effect. In addition, true experiments are used in measuring the variables that could be potential threats thus controlling them statistically. As a result, threats to internal validity would be minimized.

How are they different from experimental designs?

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True experiments are different from experimental designs in the way in which the ethnicity, the population, and sex are designed. The internal validity experiences threats when the researcher attempts to influence the results, this implies that, the mind of the researcher is partial and makes changes on the variables so that he or she can attain the desired results.

What are quasi-experimental designs?

These are research designs commonly used in making evaluations of educational programs when a practical or a random assignment is impossible.

Why are they important?

Research Paper on Psychology What Are the Similarities Assignment

Researchers use quasi-experimental designs when they are unable to control the participants' assignment to conditions or when it is impossible to manipulate the variables. Instead, researchers make comparisons between variable in existing groups or a group of participants that already exists after and before the occurrence of a quasi-independent variable.

How are they different from experimental designs?

Quasi-experimental research designs are mostly used in making evaluations of problems in education when it is impossible to make random assignment or a practical. These designs are prone to numerous interpretation errors even though they are commonly used. Experimental research designs are highly effective in addressing the issue of evaluation about the usefulness and impacts of a program. These designs emphasize on the importance of comparative data as the basis for making interpretations of research findings. They increase the confidence of researchers showing that the findings are the results of an innovation or program and not of an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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