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[. . .] All of these studies were observed by the researchers and results were calculated and reported.

4. Explain whether the study was descriptive, correlational, or experimental.

This study was experimental in nature. Experimental research is directed by hypotheses or several hypotheses that states a predictable relationship between two or more variables. An experiment is carried out to sustain or disconfirm this experimental hypothesis. In this study the researchers had a hypothesis that they tested using experimental groups in which they examined people and their behaviors. This was not descriptive research because it did not examine any statistics in regards to this group of people. It was not correlational research because it did not examine a statistical relationship between two or more variables.

5. Consider the ethics of the research. All studies must have passed some form of institutional review prior to being conducted, but what kinds of ethical concerns did the researchers have and what did they do to address those concerns specifically?

There was no mention in this article as to what ethical concerns that the researchers had. When doing research with human subjects it is important that informed consent be obtained and all risks and hazards be explained to each participant. How this was addressed in this study should have been included in this report so that those reading it would know what had been done. It is very important when doing this type of research that the rules and regulations are followed when it comes to using human subjects for research purposes. It is also important to record what has been done so that there is no question later on about whether the rules and regulations were followed or not.


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