Admission Essay: Psychology Statement of Purpose

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[. . .] In the short-run, I also plan to gain practical experience in the clinical psychology field by working as a consultant in a medium sized hospital. In the long-run, a doctoral degree in psychology will come in handy as I seek to reach my full potential as a clinical psychologist. After attaining the said doctoral degree, I would wish to work in an outpatient mental health center. Further, I intend to acquire a teaching position in any of the nation's numerous universities offering psychology and related programs. Working in an academic setting will offer me a unique opportunity to grow as a professional while making significant contributions to the field of psychology through continued research.

In addition to being creative, I am also an effective communicator. I also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I believe that as an effective communicator, I will be able to relate relatively well with clients and their families. I will also get to put my creativity to work in the development of treatment approaches. My insatiable thirst for knowledge could see me further enhance my professional abilities in this particular field.

Seeing others overcome difficult experiences can be sufficiently rewarding. My desire to become a clinical psychologist is not chiefly driven by the monetary rewards associated with such a career. After all, this particular career has its own downsides including but not limited to the risk of burnout. My desire to become a clinical psychologist is instead driven by the need to make a difference in people's lives. Jenny (my cousin) is now living a normal life thanks to the intervention of a clinical psychologist. For me, making a difference in people's lives as a clinical psychologist would be sufficiently fulfilling. I believe that your institution has an enabling learning environment that would see me realize my… [END OF PREVIEW]

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