Case Study: Psychosocial Development Theory Was Developed

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[. . .] There is also the church community that dedicates time for the old. Not everyone forgets their aged because there are communities that have built recreation areas for the old. This is where they interact and exchange their life stories. Nevertheless, the old homes cannot be left out since they are able to take care for the old. There are organizations that have opened defense classes for the old. This is since there have been cases of them being attacked and raped.

Community aged packages have also helped the old people to remain living in their homes. Hospitals and other institutions have also opened in-service training and also continuing education to the elderly on health care (Chou Hoffman 2012). Here they are taught on how to take excellent care of themselves even at old age. They are also advised on the proper diet needed by the older generation. The nurses taking care of the aged have also been oriented on special training on how to handle the old. They are often assessed to keep them up to standard hence maintaining and monitoring their performance. HelpAge International is a global organization that helps in taking care of the old.

Health care has made the life expectancy for older people longer. Cancer and other health related diseases have been killing the old people, but the community has worked hard in implementing medical care to them. The insurance cover has catered for this package, and although Maria had saved for this, other able people have done it. The society has campaigned for affordable packages for the aged. National Service framework (NSF) is a body that was created to take care for the old. It is based on clinical need and not the age factor for the old based on fundamental principles. It has helped in promoting the health standards for the old people. Falls have been of major concern in old people and the society has carried out research on their causes. These researches show that the community care for the old since they would like to get a solution to this problem. These can be considered as strengths within the community relating to old people.

How culture has influenced Maria

Maria being a Scottish and American born, it shows that she came from a background that was rich in culture. These are people who held on to their traditions despite globalization. Maria would have been suffering culture shock from seeing her children's lifestyles. Her daughter Lisa was single and culture believed in marriage. Single mothers were seen as outcasts and sometimes immoral especially where the husband was not reported dead. This means Maria would not understand what lifestyle the daughter had taken. Maria had lived in a small rural town where people were friendly and interactive. This does not happen in bigger towns because everyone is busy attending to their daily chores. Also being from a minority group, she must have been suffering from discrimination (Chou Hoffman 2012).

Culture did not also allow for mothers to go and live with their daughters. Once the daughters were grown, they would move from their parent's homes to get married and would only visit their mothers. However, due to the death of her husband, Maria had to relocate to the town where her daughters lived. They were to take care for her too which was not expected of daughters. Toni is the one who paying for her mother's bill which was not a cultural norm. Lisa's twins were shouting back at her showing disrespect for their mother which again was not right. A child should not yell at their parents. These are some of the cultures that affected Maria.


As people age, the brains become slow. They lack the vibrant energy they had, and their productivity equally slows down. This is the time when people look back at the accomplishments they have had in life. For the successful ones, they feel their worthiness and the integrity that comes with it. On the other hand, if the individual feels that they were unproductive, they feel worthless and ashamed of their past. They feel that they did not accomplish their duties in life and age dissatisfied with a raging disparity. This mostly leads to depression and miserable. There is also the issue of how other people view others. Maria being the rural woman who was aging in the urban region had to suffer because of the fast life in the towns. She had to adapt to the new lifestyle at her old age, living with a society that did not care for the old. This only added to her psychosocial development crisis. However she did not have a choice since she needed that protection from her daughters. Fortunately different bodies have come up and they are willing to assist this neglected age group.


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