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[. . .] It fostered his behavior to keep being in denial of the reality, therefore, dynamic concept, to awaken his awareness of the situation, and consequently engage with his case positively. Dynamic approach is action-oriented, enabling patient be active in activities that guide his recovery.

Carlos way of thinking and the approach that Yalom is using in dealing with him are especially contradictory. The disputation of ideas by Carlos is that of a person who refuses to accept death (Yalom 2012). He is voraciously clinging on to life. He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge his emaciated self and thus argues that he is living a healthy life, satisfying his demands. On the other side, Yalom is incisive that the only way to help Carlos is by helping him realize the condition he is under, and help him to live a healthy life. The other approach that he uses to help him let go of this defensive nature is that of a behavioral change, hence Alderian therapy is applied, which initiates his thinking into establishing positive relations with his environment, enabling him to later start positive parenting to his children.

Yalom is also aware that the concept of self-centeredness would help Carlos who is involved with his own preoccupations; that the societal interests and style of life have become irrelevant in his life. He is seemingly only occupied with satisfying his own personal interests and distracting himself with personal preoccupations (Yalom 2012). He does not have a positive regard for himself nor does he have empathy. Similarly, Yalom is also having an equally negative attitude towards his client. He realizes that Carlos is suffering but is also horrifically resistant and crude in accepting the situation. The self-centeredness that Carlos welds is a key setback to the therapy procedure and thus to be helped, he has to dissipate his interests in women and have a normal social life with responsibilities. The self-centered approach, therefore, helps Yalom to get Carlos to realize that all these distractions he has are personal. He is hence able to develop a positive attitude that allows him to care for the society around him.

Therapy takes more than just willingness and from the therapists and client, or the effectiveness of the approach taken and therapy concept applied (Corsini & Wedding 2005). The case can worsen if the client is not willing to allow the reality to settle and thus treatment to take course. Yalom effectively managed to help Carlos take some significantly noticeable steps in accepting his life and begin to relate with the other people around him. The Rogarian psychotherapy approach of self-centeredness ensures a close relation between the therapists and the clients. It is imperative that a client perceives the therapist to be genuine. The congruence of the therapist is key to the rate of recovery of the patient. Moreover, the therapist should be empathetic in his listening and understanding of the client.

In attending to Carlos, Yalom is aware of the cosmetic efforts of Carlos to cling on to life. Realizing this, he undertakes the process to ensure that he wins Carlos trust and thus he is extremely genuine in his dealing; this is using Alderian approach. His view of Carlos as inauthentic does not impact his empathetic understanding of the situation that he is suffering (Yalom 2012). This creates a sense of a relation that helps him to get into the personal mind of his client. He applies his personal efforts to see the success of the Carlos recovery. He manages to come to terms with the impending death that is facing him. He realizes that the society around him is part of his life. Through the whole process, Carlos manages to recover and accept the condition and, he starts to live a normal life. He becomes a reliable and effective father to his estranged children and consequently, a sensitive constituent in his therapy group.

The practice of psychotherapy has helped several cases and, that of Yalom is not any different. The therapeutic alliance is accordingly sensitive and creates a sense of belonging that most clients who need the therapy require to leave. Carlos is effectively helped to regain his life status and live an effective and quality life.


Yalom, I.D. (2012). Love's Executioner. New York: Basic Books.

Corsini, R.J.,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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