PTSD in Children of Hurricane Essay

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Many symptoms can be mitigated when parents and teachers provide emotional support and facilitate adaptive coping strategies in school settings.

However, clinical and professional counseling may be necessary for those children having the hardest time adjusting and moving past their traumatic experience. Some continue to be plagued by persistent symptoms that disrupt their functioning long after the traumatic event has ended. Therapists must be prepared to provide developmentally appropriate interventions to children who experience distress after natural disasters. It is often helpful that clinicians ask parents, relatives and teachers whether children's behaviors would be considered "normal" prior to the disaster (Alvarez, 2010). Such assessment guides the framework for counseling.

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Therapeutic interventions should involve reassurance of normalcy, extra attention and nurturance, re-establishing routine, open communication, and facilitating adaptive coping strategies (Speier, 2000). Cognitive Behavior Therapy is helpful for establishing feelings of safety and managing symptoms. The same can be said for using "play therapy" to help facilitate a youth's retelling of the trauma story (Kronenberg, et al., 2010). In cases where a child has suffered the physical loss of a loved one, play therapy is also helpful in reconnecting with that person to release feelings of grief and anxiety. Finally, therapists should teach children methods of managing intrusive thoughts that lie lodged in their implicit memory. By "changing the tape" youth can learn to replace negative thoughts with a predetermined positive song, story, or saying such as "I'm safe right now and I know it because I have . . ." (Speier, 2000). In general, a holistic approach -- integrating the mental, spiritual, and physical -- is needed to address the needs of children impacted by natural disaster and lessen symptoms associated with PTSD.


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Essay on PTSD in Children of Hurricane Assignment

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