Public Administration Strategic Job Analysis, Recruitment Essay

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Public Administration

Strategic job analysis, recruitment, and performance management

Before the hiring process takes place, HR must have an understanding of the needs of the organization. One common method of job analysis is to interview and analyze the work of current employees, although it is important to remember that job analysis focuses on the specifications of the job, not the person currently occupying the job (Job analysis, 1999, HR Guide). Observations of employees, looking at work logs, talking to supervisors, and making task lists are some of the components of job analysis (Job analysis, 1999, HR Guide). Job analysis is required to determine the skills needed for the applicant, which will affect salary, recruitment, and the nature of the job search. For example, if a college degree is required for a job, that will affect the salary level and also the venues of recruitment -- going to colleges to interview prospective seniors might be a better method to solicit new employees than a job fair at a general venue or through internal recruitment.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Public Administration Strategic Job Analysis, Recruitment, and Assignment

To avoid allegations of discrimination, requirements must be relevant to the labor performed. When creating a job description, the purpose of the job (what it is meant to do and how it relates to other components of the business); the job content (the duties and responsibilities of the applicant); accountabilities (how the job will be judged on output), performance measurements of the job; and even physical resource requirements like location, travel demands, and knowledge of how to use equipment will all affect the analysis of job needs (Job analysis, 2011, Tutor2U). For non-profit entities, there may be a particular concern that the individual feels passionate about the cause the organization is designed to serve. Government entities may be more constrained in terms of how job descriptions are formatted, given that there are often pre-existing job definitions within the civil service or military hierarchy. Determining the compensation packages for jobs may also differ for public organizations. Traditionally, for public enterprises, benefits such as pensions and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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