Thesis: Public Administration the Ultimate

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[. . .] The employers in the local government can include special districts, townships, counties, municipalities and school districts. Now we come to the particular strategies that should be employed by the public administrator of this area. First of all, he should have a sound knowledge of the procedures of the local government job applications. His second strategy should be to develop a network of contacts. It is important for him to keep a check on the statistics of the expanding communities so that he gets to know where the best opportunities emerge.

Moreover, a rational public administrator should also go for activities like internships and volunteer positions so that he can get relevant experience in the field. It is also advisable for him to carry out applicable research that could be used in the public interest. Last but not the least, the public administrator of a local government should engage himself in the events and organizations of the community.

Then we move on to the area of State Government. The employers of public administrators in state government include the different departments of the state government. As for the legislative agencies, Bill Drafting Services, Legislative Reference Services and Budgeting and Auditing staffs.

The other employers include Personal staff legislators, Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction, State Supreme Courts and Intermediate Appellate Courts. For the state government public administrators, the strategies are different from that of the public administrator of the local government. First of all he should carry out a research for the organization of his state government. The next strategy should be to develop and then specialize in the skills as well as interests for specific groups of issues. For example, education, disability and homelessness can be considered in this regard. Then the public administrator should develop effective writing as well as research skills. It is also very beneficial for the public administrator to make political contacts by the way of local legislators of both the houses. Public administrators should always volunteer for work in the political campaigns. People who want to work for the welfare of the general public as public administrators should also be a part of informational interview and referrals so that they can expand their network of contacts. Another useful strategy can be to obtain a degree in law so that one can be given various opportunities.

The last area where public administrators can render their services is that of the Federal Government. This area includes the technical, administrative and professional public administration. The employers for this area are the different federal agencies and departments. As for the Legislative branch of the federal government, the employers include General Accounting Office, Government Printing Office, library of Congress and Congressional Budget Office.

It is always advisable for the public administrators to obtain an internship in a federal department or agency when they are working for the federal government. This can prove to be one of the best ways to make a firm footing in public administration.

People who want to become a public administrator in the federal government should have a sound knowledge of the procedure of job application for a post in the federal government. Also, they should know the appropriate way of writing the abilities, skills and knowledge in the resume. One should also research and look for various agencies and then choose the one that has been working assiduously for the welfare of the public. It is also always helpful to take part in the informational interview with the government employees.

Approaches in Public Administration for Public Interest

The need for a different approach to governance and public administration was felt when the America saw the ashes of the aftermath of the 9/11 events. According to this new approach, the intrinsic values that were present in America when it was founded are supported and nurtured. In other words, this approach in public administration is the kind of approach that revolves around the increased concern for the good of the public and reflects the duties of public administration in public interest.

According to many analysts and scholars, in the present scenario, work for public interest is the work that is done by public administrators in a way that nurtures and increases the fundamental values of life, societal and individual freedom, health, caring and concern for others.

This kind of an approach, when employed in public administration for the "best" public interest is also a reflection of the latest commitment of dealing with the national disasters and other global challenges together. This approach is also beneficial in the sense that it ensures the security of the human kind from the threats.

This approach has been called the "Public Administration in the Public Interest" by one of the most renowned scholars who have done their doctoral dissertation of this topic and have done a lot of research in this subject and have come up with new approached that can be used in public administration to come up to the expectations of the local people, especially when there is a democratic government in the country (Gordon, 2002).

This approach is not just a single approach but it is a collection of many other approaches in public administration. Not just students, but the practitioners and academicians should also be familiar with this approach. The values as well as the assumptions that are carried in this approach are similar to the ones that can be found in the linage of Wilson, Appleby and Waldo's public administration approaches.

This approach is in fact a very practical one. It keeps its focus on solving the problems of the public. It is different from many other (and newer) approaches in public administration in that it does not consider the assumptions and values of the scientists. Moreover, it is also different from facts that are assumed in "economic" and rational" model of a public administrator.

In the last hundred years, these theories and assumptions of the scientists have not only been dominating public administration, but also political and social sciences. The fundamental values that were present at the time when America was founded are very different from the ones that have been presented by the scientists.

If governments want that democracy and freedom should prevail in the country, they should realize that the public administrators should master the values that help the general public and human kind to come out of their problems. They should learn how to value the life of people, their health and should have concern for their freedom. It can be rightly said that the events of 9/11 proved to be an eye opener for all governments to make sure that their public administrators are not letting the democratic government down and coming up to the expectations of the people who had elected them.

The reason why this approach is actually "best" in public interest is that it takes care of the aforementioned values and its orientation is practical as well as proactive. The central points of this approach are giving important to the common sense of the people, their knowledge, experience and understanding. Moreover, stewardship and sense of responsibility and initiatives are also central to this approach. Yet again, such an orientation was very obviously present in the people who founded the country and the ones who truly led it.


It is for sure that the department of public administration, be it for the local or federal government, is made for the general public and public interest. Therefore, the first and foremost aim of the public administrators should be to help the out of their problems and to provide them with the best available facilities. All their needs, including education, health and economic issues should be addressed thoroughly by the public administrators.

There should also be a regulatory authority that should supervise the actions of the public administrators. This is important, especially in democratic governments, where there are opportunistic interest groups that work for their selfish needs and bribe the public administrators.

It should also be noted that the theories and frameworks that have been devised by the scholars and scientists of the past should not be blindly followed by the public administrators. Their decision making should not be based on the theories of these scientists but should be modified and motivated by the demands of the people.

Public interest should be (and is in ideal situations) the central concept when it comes to public administration. This one of the ways in which one can evaluate the effectiveness of the governments with respect to their policies and their positive or negative effects on public interest (Morrell and Harrington-Buhay, 2011).


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Gordon, Paula D. (2002). "Public Administration in the Public Interest:Thoughts about Public Administration."


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