Term Paper: Public Corruption and Its Effect

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[. . .] TI notes, "Gift-giving is part of negotiating and relationship building in some parts of the world. But cultural relativism ends where the Swiss bank account enters the scene. It is a matter of degree: there are limits in all cultures beyond which an action becomes corrupt and unacceptable" (Editors, 2009). As noted, gift-giving, when it results in bribery or coercion, is still a form of corruption, but there are certainly degrees where it can be acceptable, and degrees where it cannot. There is a great difference between giving a gift of a bottle of wine or a fine cigar in return for consideration and review of a project, to giving money or gifts for extreme financial reward or gain. A culture that traditionally gives gifts for certain items is not bound to be corrupt, but there must be lines that gift-giving does not cross.

Unscrupulous officials could use gift-giving traditions as a basis for their own economic gain, by giving favors and other considerations to those who give the "biggest" or "best" gifts. This takes advantage of people who can afford the best gifts, but it also takes advantage of the other people that are paying the officials' salaries and seeing nothing in return. As they become more corrupt, they require more or bigger bribes, taking advantage of the situation and those that can afford to continue giving lavish gifts. To counter this, "Emphasis must thus be placed on preventing corruption by tackling the root causes that give rise to it through undertaking economic, political and institutional reforms" (Myint, 2000, p. 56). Countries that want to control corruption must weed out unscrupulous public figures, and create rules and reforms that discourage corruption and encourage trust and fairness in their public officials, or their countries will never survive and thrive.


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