Public Education Is Essential in a Democratic Term Paper

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¶ … Public Education Is Essential in a Democratic Society

It's essential for public education to be a high priority from both a budgetary and ethical perspective for any democratic society to assiduously pursue. For any nation to stay democratic and free, it must have a strong educational system that encourages the growth of its children into discerning, intelligent, and independent-thinking citizens. The ethics of providing the best possible education to children in a democratic society has more to do with the growth of diversity of thought and varying perspectives on both local and global events. Only with these varying perspectives in adults can democracy in any given nation hope to remain strong.

There are many excellent reasons why a democratic society needs to have a strong public education system. The first and most critical one is the development of fundamental skills for its children to grow academically, intellectually and from the standpoint of being able to compete globally. The fact that public education is egalitarian is critical for the continued growth of a strong democracy as well; as the growth of intellectual elitism is the first step to a very class-centric society. To preserve the growth of a democracy, elitism over education must be eradicated through the availability of the best public education programs possible. Democracy of subsequent generations of a democracy to remain free begins with the delivery of equal opportunity for education to all children, regardless of their economic, social, or ethnic background.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Public Education Is Essential in a Democratic Assignment

A second major reason for democratic societies to pursue public education is in ensuring each child has the opportunity to learn how to think critically and interpret events, including analyzing the cause-and-effect of events and their relevance to their lives. The ability to deliver this level of discernment is critical for democratic societies to continually evolve, as is the ability to teach students how to think analytically… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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