Public Funding of Abortion Clinic Term Paper

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Public Funding of Abortion Clinic

Public funding for abortion clinics

Abortion has been a strongly debated issue all over the world with more and more people arguing for the promotion of pro-choice for its obvious advantages. However, there are also many people that feel that abortion is killing a life. The debate on public funding of abortion clinics lies behind the argument for or against abortion since the two are interrelated. Public funding of abortion clinics has many advantages which outweigh the disadvantages. It is for these advantages that it is felt that abortion clinics should be funded from public funds.

Roe v. Wade

The Roe v. Wade case of the year 1973 decriminalized abortion. This ruling came after the discoveries that even though abortion was illegal, many women who were desperate were willing to pay huge fees for their abortions even from practitioners who were untrained and unlicensed. There were many women who endured severe medical complications as a result of these abortions that were illegal which led to the Roe v. Wade decision (Roe v. Wade, 1973)

The Roe v. Wade ruling gave different guidelines for various trimesters. During the first trimester, it advocated for pro-choice. During the second trimester, abortion can be carried out to protect the mother's life and during the last trimester, abortion is prohibited unless when it preserves the life or the health of the mother. This ruling was the beginning of the pro-choice argument giving women a right to decide whether they wanted to get an abortion or to continue the pregnancy.

The cost of abortion

The exact cost of carrying out an abortion depends greatly on several factors such as the trimester of the pregnancy, the type of facility, the physician carrying out the abortion, the type of procedure and lastly the anesthetic used. In general, women pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an abortion. Paying this cost has never been an issue for the middle and upper class women who are usually covered by their insurance plans. However, for the lower class women, they have to result to cheap facilities which do not observe the necessary standards.

Although the cost of abortion has only risen slightly over the years as a result of inflation, the lower class women have a greater burden on their shoulders as a result of the increasing cost of living. Therefore when it comes to the procurement of an abortion, they do not have much of a choice as to which facility or physician to choose.

Denying funding for abortion leads to an increase in the number of illegal abortions that are conducted making the women that procure these cheap abortion services endure more hidden costs in terms of the complications that ensure. There is also a social cost on the society when the women are forced to bear children against their will. They become parents who are unable to support their own children. Therefore, they try to find a way to procure the abortion in one way or another despite the cost. Since at most times, the women get the money for the abortion at a later stage in the pregnancy they usually increase their risk and their likelihood of getting more complications. For the women who are unable to get the money to pay for their abortion, they usually attempt to induce one on their own. This usually fails terribly leading to the women experiencing serious complications which often lead to death. Public funding of abortion thus creates a level of access to safe abortion for the lower class women. It also relieves the society off… [END OF PREVIEW]

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