Public Health Ethics Related Training Article Critique

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¶ … Public Health Ethics Related Training for Public Health Workforce: An Emerging Need in the United States" by a. Kanekar and a. Bitto (2012)

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In this study, Kanekar and Bitto (2012) argue that ethical practices in the workplace do not just fall out of the sky, but are rather the result of the translation of ethical theories and concepts into real-world practice. These researchers conducted a meta-analysis of recent published peer-reviewed journal articles concerning ethics in public health practice or public health training. All told, Kanekar and Bitto (2012) identified 15 studies that satisfied their search and inclusion criteria. Based on the analysis of the aggregated results of these studies, Kanekar and Bitto determined that there was an ongoing and essential need for ethics training and codes of ethics in professional organizations. According to these researchers, "We need ethics to organize our goals and actions and to accomplish our values. In essence, ethics evaluates those actions, and the values that underlie them. It determines which values should be pursued, and which should not" (Kanekar & Bitto, 2012, p. 2). Because different professions have different values and standards, these differences are translated and codified through professional codes of ethics that help business managers resolve ethical dilemmas in the workplace (Kanekar & Bitto, 2012). In this regard, the authors note that, "The need for ethics arises from the fact that different professions have to establish a moral credibility for their field. In the [public health] field this needs to be translated into morally acceptable conduct and efforts to resolve ethical dilemmas related to public health practice" (p. 2).

Article Critique on Public Health Ethics Related Training for Public Assignment

Ethical dilemmas in the workplace, like change, are inevitable and managers at all levels are faced with an enormous range of situations that call for an immediate decision. It is therefore important to provide managers… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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