Public Health Funding Be Directed Research Paper

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In the Homeopathic medicines there are a few legal regulations that are present. They are allowed to be used by patients even without a proper declaration of their efficacy or without a safety assessment done. Studies that have been conducted related to homeopathic medicines have shown to have a strong therapeutic effects and a high level of patient satisfaction with the medicines they consume. Even as there have been cases reported about adverse effects, it is said by homeopathic theory that the worsening of the symptoms the patient has is actually a wanted reaction to medication. There have been no studies which have proven the adverse effects of shown any observational survey of the homeopathic aggravations (Stub et al., 2012).

The patient's decision making should be based on whether they have enough information about the efficacy of the products they are consuming or not. They need to have some proper authorized consultation before consuming such medicines in order to reduce the risk that they expose themselves to by opting for complementary medicine practices. There is a lot of research now being done related to therapies and other remedies that exist in the field and the situation is said to improve in the coming years.

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Physicians nowadays feel uncertain when considering whether to prescribe whether to describe alternative medicine or not. The effectiveness may have been witnessed by the physician but there are legal implications attached to such prescription as if any adverse event occurs, the physician's reputation is at stake. Conventional medicine remains the only option for the physicians but they do keep themselves updated on the field of complementary medicine so when need arises they can apply the useful techniques in complementary medicine to their patients in order to improve their health. (Whorton, 1998)

Research Paper on Public Health Funding Be Directed Assignment

Chiropractors and osteopaths have a board of practitioners who monitor their practice in order to deal with any professional misconduct that take place in the practice. They are also there to impose any penalties if required. The penalties may include warnings, fines or deregistration of the practitioner. Such professional bodies, through codes of ethics, provide ethical discipline for unregistered practitioners (Weir, 2005).

The current legal framework still holds concerns for unregistered and even for registered complementary medicine practitioners. They say that according to the law only medical doctors, those qualified by the American Medical Association, are allowed to practice any form of medicine. Practicing medicine does not have a definite meaning but implies the treatment of any ailment that is being suffered by a patient. In USA, a very broad interpretation of this term contained in the medical legislation of many stats has permitted the criminal prosecution of complementary medicine practitioners for practicing medicine.

It is considered a criminal offense to act as a medical practitioner when you are not properly qualified to be one by law. To be convicted the false practitioner should be using the terms doctor, physician or any other term falsely implying that the person in charge is a medical doctor by profession and qualification (Weir, 2005).

With such legal implications attached the government cannot risk funding complementary medicines and lose the trust of its people. If a cancer patient goes to avail healthcare facilities and he opts for complementary medicines, which he sees are now funded by the government, any reactions to his health will cause a law suit to rise against the government. A lot of fingers will be raised for allowing medicine which has no proper description of what it contains or what its efficacy is.

The funding support for Myotherapy should not be government based, but should be funded through donations, grants or third-party billings. The support will earn its credibility through establishing a more clear and systematic process, and by defining its efficacy as accurately as possible, which would in turn give it more credibility and thus the fund will have more confidence in collecting funds for the public's health.


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