Public Health Informatics Is the Application Essay

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Public health informatics is the application of informatics in areas of Public health, including surveillance, reporting, and health promotion. Public health informatics, and its corollary, population informatics, are concerned with groups rather than individuals" (Public health informatics, 2013, AMA.). Informatics has a wide range of applications in the field of healthcare. Unlike individualized medicine, public health professionals are interested in how interventions affect groups. For example, a weight loss program might be effective for certain individuals but unless the programs' interventions are demonstrated to be effective in an empirical fashion for a wide range of people, the designers are unlikely to secure funding from a government agency so the program can be offered to Medicaid patients.

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Healthcare informatics is noteworthy for its interdisciplinary focus, merging it with medical science. "Informatics researchers develop, introduce, and evaluate new biomedically-motivated methods in areas as diverse as data mining (deriving new knowledge from large databases), natural language or text processing, cognitive science, human interface design, decision support, databases, and algorithms for analyzing large amounts of data generated in public health, clinical research, or genomics/proteomics" (the science of informatics, 2013, AMIA). Public health informatics adds an additional component of 'policy' considerations: the data amassed must not only be relevant and correctly processed to address healthcare issues but also be useful for creating policy health 'prescriptions.' It adds yet another interdisciplinary element to the field: the need to understand the political environment.

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The role of health informatics also goes above and beyond that of conventional healthcare it. For example," health it professionals should be able to resolve infrastructure problems with a network connection, whereas trained public health informaticians should be able to support public health decisions by facilitating the availability of timely, relevant, and high-quality information" (Savel & Foldy 2012).


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Q2. Case study 1

Regarding the question, 'is it always better to do something than nothing,' it is important to ask what the 'something' is, which is in this case denying potentially life-saving treatment to persons infected with AIDS. Although there is a possibility that the alternative or reduced dosage treatments might be effective, the research essentially makes the researchers complicit in denying care to women of the developing world. The first principle of medicine is to 'do no harm,' and this study clearly does harm by denying women care that the researchers could potentially provide (Gill 2012).

The role individual researchers should play in the development of the developing world's public health infrastructure should fundamentally be a supportive one, sharing knowledge and organizational aptitudes to further the public good, rather than applying a different standard to the developing world. Simply because a region is underdeveloped does not mean that the principles of healthcare as applied to the developed world are invalid.

The obligations of a non-intervention epidemiological study requires at minimum that the data be released in a manner to further the well-being of the population being studied, not simply to benefit research in the developing world. Also, if it is discovered over the course of the research that interventions might prove helpful, the researchers should attempt to connect the affected… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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