Public Policy in the State Research Paper

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Maryland's forest lands future is greatly depending on private landowners.

Forest land in Maryland is owned by the following entities:

Individuals 51%

Public Sector 20%

Farmers 18%

Forest Industry 1% (State of Maryland -- Forest Taskforce, 2010)

It is reported that the Forest Conservation Act 9 FCA) has been successful in its implementation of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) has "slowed the loss of forest land and has focused forested areas along stream valley corridors where water quality benefits can be most effectively realized." (State of Maryland -- Forest Taskforce, 2010)

VIII. Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism are presently hot items in the tourism market and this includes the destination of natural areas such as forest lands, lakes, mountains and streams in addition to other various tourist attractions. The work entitled "Conserving Land for People" states that communities are realizing benefits from tourism and recreation on federal forest lands. In fact, "recreation is the second largest producer of direct revenue from U.S. Forest Service lands -- bringing in more than grazing, power generation and mining combined -- and may account for as much as 74% of the economic benefit from these lands when indirect contributions are taken into account." ( )

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Public Policy in the State Assignment

This study has determined that the state of Maryland has invested wisely in its natural resources however, due to budgetary constraints some of the necessary programs that were previously funded have been reduced and employees of the Department of Natural Resources. It is time that the state of Maryland redesign its policies in regards to the forest lands of Maryland so that ecotourism and sustainable tourism can assist in growing the economy and revenues for the state of Maryland while simultaneously preserving, conserving, and protecting the…
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