Public Problem Why Gun Laws Should Be Changed Term Paper

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Gun Laws

To begin, gun laws of late have become a very contentious issue for politicians and society at large. In one instance policy makes must appease their natural funding constituency in regards to their basic rights to bare arms. However, they also must consider the broader implications of their policy actions on society at large. When juxtaposed against one another, a very contentious and often emotional debate arises. Many agree however, that Gun Laws must be altered to reflect the changing operating environment our world functions in. With the advent of globalization and e-commerce, new threats to society and the general public have become very profound. Immigration laws have allowed millions of undocumented individuals into the nation. These individuals have the ability to obtain firearms, and other armaments that could jeopardized the safety of the American public. E-commerce allows individuals to hide behind aliases and convoluted processes when purchasing weapons. Due in part to these aspects, gun laws should be changed to create greater transparency in regards to purchases, greater oversight when purchases are made, and more information regarding the individuals purchasing the products (Ozanne-Smith, 2004).

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Term Paper on Public Problem Why Gun Laws Should Be Changed Assignment

In regards to needs and implementation, the needs of the community at large should take precedence. Society must have freedom as the nation is predicated on this principle. As such the implementation should be universal to reflect the global nature of the gun control. Laws enacted should apply to every state and should be applied immediately after they are enacted. Deterrents should also be implemented and shared throughout the nation. Best practices in the implementation of deterrents and legislation should also be seamless. Aspects such as excessive bureaucracy and cost should be eliminated at all levels. Bureaucracy in particular is troublesome to the overall implementation of the strategy as it causes unnecessary time lapses. In addition, bureaucracy makes adjustments both costly and ineffective as agencies are unable to respond to changing dynamics in the gun community. As such, in regards to implementation, the solution must be universal enough to apply to the entire nation, but flexibly enough to allow law enforcement and the community to react in a timely fashion.

Action Plan

The action plan will first begin with a natural and unscripted dialogue regarding firearm legislation. At stakeholders are to be present during these preliminary discussion. Both sides of the argument are to be heard. The first and most efficient manner in which to arrive at new firearm legislation is to arrive common objectives. For the most part, few individuals object to greater transparency, oversight, and information. What will become contentious is the manner in which these objectives are met. The action plan should include a more transparent national database and expanded background checks to compensate for any lack of information when purchases firearms. This will further protect the public by ensuring that criminals, those who are mentally ill, or terrorists will not have the ability to obtain firearms. The national database will provide information regarding all those who have purchased or have firearms in their possession. This will provide greater transparency and oversight regarding overall gun usage (Mouzos, 2002).

In addition, the action plan should place considerable emphasis on controlling gun violence as oppose to who receives a gun. Even with tighter oversight, and databases, gun violence could still permeate throughout America. In many instances, many of the well-known incidents involving guns were those where the individual purchased the gun legally. As such, their must be very profound emphasis on controlling gun violence from a broader perspective. One method in which to do is through incentives. The action plan will incorporate elements of incentives that dissuade individuals from carry a firearm, or in a more aggressive stance, have stiff penalties for using it. Chicago has implemented a similar concept with a joint federal-city operation, called Project Safe Neighborhoods. It zeroed in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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