Public Relations: Wounded Warrior Foundation vs. GlaxoSmithKline Research Paper

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Public Relations Practices at Wounded Warrior Foundation

Evaluating Public Relations Practices of Wounded Warrior Foundation

Wounded Warrior Foundation is a charity organization that deals in offering care services to the war veterans and their families. Some individuals who saw the need to bridge the existing gap among veterans established it. This came after the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S. The charity organization has branches in the many states within the U.S.A. (Baird, 2013). They work hand in hand with the Red Cross Society to achieve a similar objective. Ideally, the movement started as a branch of the United States Spinal Association of New York. The charity organization is composed of medical doctors offering free treatment to spinal cord injuries to veterans. Just like any other company, the following study seeks to identify some of the strategies adopted by the management to boost its image in its PR department. It is evident that the establishment of a good image is the first step that guarantees the survival of an organization through support from its stakeholders. The study also shows how the strategies adopted at WWF vary with those of GlaxoSmithKline Company as a for-profit organization. It is important to note that communication plays an important role in any public relations activity.

Public Relations Practices

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Public relations refer to the communication made from the organization's offices in order to make the public get a good picture of the organization. Public relation exercises are always needed to market the organization in question by speaking positively about it. Other than the good image that will come out of it, public relations practices also attract supporters and more volunteers, for a charity organization like this. In the case of a profit-making organization, there is the benefit of attracting investors to it. A good image cultivated through public relations is important in negotiating a good space in the public domain. Those that apply good public relations techniques also reap some benefits.

Research Paper on Public Relations: Wounded Warrior Foundation vs. GlaxoSmithKline Assignment

The image of any organization can be enhanced through the adoption of a number of strategies. For instance, positive reporting is used when the management is interested in building a good image. In this case, the management creates a good message to be sent to the people out there. This message can be about the activities that the organization is interested in achieving. It is important to note that all that comes out from the organization to the public ought to be checked for authenticity and ability to appeal to those who will receive it. Management has to be very sensitive about all that comes out to the public and develop a good rapport with them (Baird, 2013).

Communication is important as it can facilitate the dispatch of good messages that are appealing to the public. In some organizations, a whole department is placed in charge of conducting public relations exercises. Here, the management is going to oversee that which is being done by the department and steps in when need be. For other organizations, a public relations firm is contracted to do the same job. The advantage with this is that the management will have little worries on the rigors of public relations. This will leave it with the role of dealing with the main activities at work. It is also noted that the management can go about the activities of generating revenue if it is a non-profit making organization or meeting the maximum social aspect as in the case of a non-profit making organization (Simon, 2013).

Public Relations Practices at Wounded Warrior Foundation

This organization is not a profit making entity. It is therefore not interested in attracting profit from any quarters. However, the organization still strives to carry out public relations exercises. Reasonably, it does this to promote good its image to the public for purposes of appealing to them to join the campaign. The management always aims to develop a good rapport with the public players and government agencies that might come in handy in raising the support they need. The main aim of the organization is to generate a sufficient amount of finances as well as the human capital needed to fulfill its mandate (Jackson & Center, 2011). While creating a good picture of the activities that it does, the foundation brings to fore the idea of commitment and dedication that they have. This will always be helpful in generating a good flow of goodwill and commitment from the public players, who will at all times be interested to see the agenda of the organization fulfilled. This has been witnessed by the rising number of volunteers who come to join the organization (Dowling, 2010).

The financial base is also on an upward trajectory as the organization keeps publicizing its activities. The main objective of WWF is to influence as many veterans as possible to join it. The media also plays a good role in this endeavor (Simon, 2013). The management at the organization has been engaging the media in all its activities with of making their activities known by a large number of people. All forms of media are currently being employed in this endeavor and the management successfully archives its mandate (Baird, 2013).

The use of social media

Outside the mainstream media, social media has also played a key role in marketing the organization's activities. WWF has been doing all it can to incorporate the social media in its marketing agenda. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are the most frequently used forms of social media for this agenda. WWF has been targeting the young people especially in the social media. The strategy is aimed at drawing a good population of volunteers who will help in the treatment of the wounded people. The nature of work that is mainly available requires the presence of sufficient human capital. Therefore, people are needed in large numbers. This explains why the organization has been attempting to woo young people, who are mostly found in the social media platforms. Such a marketing strategy is highly fruitful in the sense that most people are now on the social media. It is also noted that there are enough mechanisms and merits attributed to the social media use, which is mainly derived from the cheap costs associated with it.

Social media also draws more merits related to the kind of media when it comes to coverage. In the contemporary world, most people are connected via the social media. The completely new phenomenon characterizes and influences the way people communicate and share information. Many people prefer the social media as opposed to the mainstream media because the former is available in consumable forms. Notably, people find it conducive to use it since it carries the message within the shortest time possible, and that one can access the information at any place. Technological advancement is the main cause for the improvements in the communication through the social media. The growth of the mobile telephony explains why social media has grown to such heights. People communicate using Smartphones that have inbuilt systems that support such communication (Dowling, 2010).

Other public relations efforts

The management at this foundation also uses endorsements as a way of managing good public relations. In this case, the management uses the popular individuals who can influence the masses in a positive way. These are mainly the music and acting celebrities. They are made to appear publicly in support of the agenda of the organization. Since they have a good name and attract a massive admiration from the public, they have the ability to amass support from them. There are the best people to use when it comes to marketing any entity (Grunig, 2012). Through the principle of association, people love associating with them given that they possess good traits. The celebrities do the most famous and successful charity campaigns. These people command crowds who not only admire their music and art but also look forward to living their lifestyle. In all instances, the people who have been seen to be interested in service to the community are those who have a public standing.

Occasionally, Wounded Warrior Foundation management has entered into temporary partnerships with the celebrities who are out on charity. As they conduct their missions, the organization also gains a great deal in the same respect. In fact, a number of opportunities for growth have been witnessed because of the continued efforts relating to PR activities at the organization. Besides the increased volunteering and monetary donations, it is noted that the good name places the organization in a good position with respect to the creation of a favorable work environment (Dowling, 2010). Other like-minded organizations and individuals have also found inspiration to go on with the work of this organization. Therefore, people on the ground have a mentor that will guide them towards attaining a stable growth and a sufficient motivation to achieve good growth. Importantly, there have been more such organizations sprouting up to fill the gap that is present in the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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