Public Sector Has Long Been Focusing Reaction Paper

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¶ … public sector has long been focusing on increasing its bargaining position within employment contracts. The discussions and efforts have been emphasizing in this direction, but the results expected have yet to materialize. Still, some advancement has been made and credit is due here.

One important aspect of the processes so far implemented is represented by the lessons drawn from reform bargaining, as well as their relevance in the context of the actual reform. Some aspects noteworthy at this stage include the following:

Parties both focus on their own arguments, with little consideration to the arguments of the other side

People are often reluctant to implement the reforms

The reforms are compromises for both of the parties involved and seldom manage to resolve all issues.

The current reform draws significantly on the features and failures of previous reform efforts. And the most observable significance of the lessons drawn is represented by the fact that the performances of the public system -- with particular emphasis on the educational system -- are directly linked to the overall performances of the country.

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Specifically, the performances of the educational institutions are generated by the incentives, gains and benefits of the teachers and other employees in the educational sector. And in order for these performances to be increased, it is necessary for the federal institution to grant more rights and benefits to the employees in the educational sector.

TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Public Sector Has Long Been Focusing on Assignment

While this demand and reform argument is common sense, true and justified, it is insufficient to constitute an argument to be taken into consideration by the authorities. But the role of the educational system, its presence and its importance to overall national success is a more sensitive issue, likely to raise the interest of the authorities. In other words, the final lesson is that negotiators should present their arguments in a manner in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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