Purchases Do You Make a Month Online? Essay

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¶ … purchases do you make a month online?

A) I typically make quite a few purchases online -- maybe 4-8 on average.

B) I purchase as many things as I can online. I'm a Ebay junkie so maybe 10-20 things per month; sometimes more.

Do you feel comfortable researching products online?

A) Fairly comfortable for most products. Some products I like to shop for in person such as clothing and food.

B) I feel more comfortable with shopping online than I do in person. Online I have access to product reviews, consumer reports, price comparisons, and such. Even when I'm in the store, sometimes I actually use my phone to research certain items.

How useful do you find product reviews from other shoppers?

A) Very useful. For some products having this information is even better than shopping in person.

B) Useful but sometimes confusing. When all the users agree it makes the decision fairly easy. But it is often the case that the reviews are mixed which make their usefulness confusing at best.

4) How often do you shop around based on price?

A) it depends on the product. For larger purchases I definitely will shop around for higher priced items.

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B) Almost always. Once I find an item that I know that I want, I almost always at least do a quick search to make sure the price is competitive. If I find a lower price somewhere else then I have to consider a range of different factors.

5) How important is the company's reputation for you when you shop online?

Essay on Purchases Do You Make a Month Online? Assignment

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