Why Pursue a Degree in Administration of Justice Term Paper

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Administration of Justice

Why pursue a degree in Administration of Justice?

The Criminal Justice Administration System is very important in the general way of things, because of the important fact that the system is responsible for providing a way in which justice may be administered for those people who have committed a crime of any nature. The criminal justice administration system would offer the candidate a bachelor or a master's degree form a reputed university. This would in turn allow the candidate to pursue a rewarding career as a City or State Police Officer, or as a Highway Patrol Officer, as a Sheriff, a Deputy, as a Detective, or as a Plainclothes Detective, as a Corrections Officer, as a Prison Guard, as a State Police Officer, or take up an offer of belonging to the FBI, or to the Secret Service, or to become a Drug Enforcement Officer, or a U.S. Marshal, a Customs Investigator, or a Diplomatic Security Special Agent. (Directory of Schools, 2007)Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Why Pursue a Degree in Administration of Justice Assignment

The main highlight of earning a degree in the Justice Administration System is that the candidate, after having completed his training, would be able to play a very important and significant role in contributing towards making the existing society a better one. It must be remembered that most people in general tend to depend upon police officers and other law enforcement officials to protect their lives and property, and it is the duty of the official to perform these duties to the best of his ability. Take for example a 'correctional treatment specialist'. This officer would work in a correctional institution, like for example, a prison, and from there, they would have the responsibility of evaluating the progress that the criminal is making. Among their other duties is the requirement of their working in close contact with probation officers, other officials and the inmates in order to create and develop parole and release plans. (Directory of Schools, 2007) degree in the criminal justice system would enable the student to protect and to serve the public with the knowledge that they have acquired of the local and the state laws. The degree holders are expected to work in a criminal justice agency, and lawyers, police officers, and even health inspectors may begin their career within the justice administration system. The pay scale would be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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