Push Distribution Channel Strategy Essay

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¶ … push" distribution channel strategy, and cite an example of a real company that uses it.

The concept of "push" distribution channel strategies are where companies define multichannel management strategies for gaining the cooperation of their channel partners, resellers and distributors to resell their products and remarket their services. Often higher levels of gross margin are offered as an incentive to members of a distribution channel to stock and sell products. In addition, push-marketing centers on offering an entire series of incentives to channel partners, resellers and every tier of a distribution network (Olver, Farris, 53). Computer companies are known for being very push-oriented as they seek distribution for their products. Cisco in particular uses push marketing by offering cash incentives to their resellers for selling the entire range of Cisco routers, hubs, switchers and networking equipment.

A b) Define, in your own words, the concept of "pull" distribution channel strategy, and cite an example of a real company that uses it.

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The concept of pull marketing is where companies spend heavily to generate demand with consumers, and then define their systems, processes and products to make them easily sold. Pull marketing requires a highly organized approach to promotion, manufacturing, and fulfillment with many companies relying on frameworks to accomplish this (Wiles, 3). Nike is an example of a company with very strong pull marketing as it is one of the best-known brands globally. As a result, Nike has been able to manage its channel more effectively than other retailers, concentrating on sustaining its pricing as a result. Companies with exceptional pull marketing have strong control over its channels as well.

Essay on Push Distribution Channel Strategy, and Cite an Assignment

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