Pyramid Power Essay

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Pyramid Power

The use of mind's reasoning skills can be very helpful in detecting useful bits of information that are presented to one's senses. The usage and power of words and language has great impacts on the way we interpret the world making reasoning a very important method of achieving some balance in the world. There are many claims being presented that claim many different points-of-view. One such viewpoint suggests that the pyramid shape has certain powers that are beneficial to health and well being. The purpose of this essay is to apply reasoning skills to investigate the hypothesis that the pyramidal shape has health benefits for humans.

In order to test the validity of that statement, the scientific method must be applied to fully vet this proposal and find weaknesses to the ability of this statement to withstand scrutiny and failure. First, key definitions will be presented to set the very important boundaries that are required in such an argument. Once these definitions are understood, a qualitative analysis of these terms will be constructed to test the strength of the argument. Finally conclusions will be offered about the reliability and validity of this argument and how it contributes to the improvement of reasoning and argumentative skills.

Defining Key Terms

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The most important term that must be understood before concluding anything about pyramids is the word "power." The use of this word cannot be simply overlooked and assumed as something not important. Power is an abstract term that is relative in nature. Power takes form in many different ways for many different people. To some, money is all powerful, while to others, control of all money is even more powerful. Having imaginary control over groups of people and resources can involve power and power struggles. Eventually one must conclude that power is subjective and its methods of acquisition are also varied in unlimited ways.

TOPIC: Essay on Pyramid Power Assignment

The pyramid itself also must be understood in its correct terms before its power can be analyzed. Pyramids are merely forms that take on a shape that consist of 3 or 4 equilateral triangles placed adjacent to one another. Examples of pyramids include the Egyptian stone pyramids in Giza, pictured on the United States Currency, atop the Washington Monument, most slanted roof tops and throughout many other locations. Pyramid forms can also take shape in hierarchal groups of human organization seen in the chain of command in military units. Also many business corporations employ pyramidal models of power to maintain control of their organizations.

Science itself must also be included in these definitions due to the abuse and misuse of the word throughout recent times. Science is a method of deductive reasoning that can help tell us about the world we live in by presenting an objective view of the world. Science has morphed into a new religion, where testable and repeatable experiments have been tossed aside for political reasons. Limited views of the world have been created due to this failure to use science for proper means.

Health is another term that must be addressed to determine if there is a causal relationship between it and pyramid power. Health is another subjective and relative term that differs amongst everyone. Certain standards of health have been created that places much emphasis on the external health of the individual. The physically handicapped in today's society are treated as special citizens that are living a sub-human life, discounting their inner health and well being as an equal contributor to overall health.

As a result of defining the terms of this argument, it is clear that it is important to understand the very subjective nature of the claims involved in the hypothesis. Pyramids can include many different forms presented in many different ways demonstrating its power in equally individual methods. Health and well being is also subjective making the terms less useful for a scientific analysis creating gaps of understanding that cannot be easily generalized.

Supernatural Powers of the Pyramid

The expansion of the meaning and application of the word pyramid suggests that some Supernatural powers can be associated with this shape. Some proclaim that pyramids can instantly reduce illness, sharpen razor blades and other acts of miraculous nature.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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