Essay: Python Programming Tkinter

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[. . .] The result of function will be displayed in the label. Value of label is displayed as "0" by default, after each function control will automatically go to first text box to rewrite the text values.


This process involves following steps:

Import GUI class named as tkinter

A class named as "simpleapp" is being inherited from tkinter.

Call constructor of inherited class

Save reference of inherited class to parents widget

Create a grid

Initially a value of "0" will be assigned to "FirstNumberVar" and "SecondNumberVar."

Displaying string values in first two rows of first column.

Add four buttons to grid labeled with their functionality used to be perform.

Add a label to grid displaying initial value of "0."


This program has following main functions:


Perform addition on input values and display result in label


Perform subtraction on input values and display result in label


Perform multiplication on input values and display result in label


Perform division on input values and display result in label


It will display the first string value and a text of "you pressed enter" in label


Main goal of this assignment was to develop an understanding of how to develop a static interface application using TK GUI toolkit which belongs to Tkinter module…

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