Qatar's Foreign Investment Law Research Paper

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Sectors foreigners could invest in with 49% or 100% shareholding (upon approval from the Minister of Business and Trade) include: "agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development and utilization of natural resources and mining, consultation services, art work services, information technology, cultural services, sports services, and entertainment services" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). As the ministry further points out, approval from the council of ministers is required to establish operations in the banking sector. Foreigners are also permitted to acquire real estate, in selected locations.

Qatar's Investment Environment

It is important to note from the onset that over the past few years, Qatar has witnessed economic growth that can only be described as unprecedented. As per the provisions of its National Vision 2030, the country seems focused on the promotion of economic diversification -- a move that could see the country stop over-relying on gas and oil. The business environment offered by the country is highly dynamic (Al Jazeera). In such an environment, free trade and foreign investment is actively encouraged (Al Jazeera). Two of the indicators of a vibrant investment environment include Al Jazeera and Qatar Airways - two globally recognized brands. These are also an indication of success as far as the country's economic diversity policy is concerned.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Qatar's Foreign Investment Law Why Assignment

It is upon the recognition that non-Qatari investors are a critical ingredient of the economic diversification focus that the Qatari government has over the last two decades implemented unique legislation aimed at ensuring that the country's business environment is fully liberalized so as to accommodate foreign investors. Currently, out of a total of 181 economies, the World Bank places Qatar at position 37 as far as ease of doing business is concerned. Yet another factor that favors Qatar as an investment hub is the fact that it is widely considered a business hub in the region as a result of its well developed and supportive systems. For instance, the country's banking sector and legal system are quite advanced. A good indicator of the country's conducive legal system is the protection offered to inventions through patents and the various intellectual property rights already in place.

In an attempt to further evaluate Qatar's investment climate, it would be prudent to take into consideration three critical factors. These include infrastructure, security, and political stability. According to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Qatar is served by a well established "modern network of roads and ports, as well as a state of the art airport that facilitates passengers' travel and goods movement in and out of Doha." The country is also well served by efficient telecommunication networks. These according to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce satisfy the demand for communication services that are not only fast but also reliable.

When it comes to security, it should be noted that Qatar is largely a peaceful country. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce points out that compared to other nations, Qatar experiences relatively low crime rates. Lastly, we have political stability as yet another critical factor when it comes to the evaluation of Qatar's investment environment. According to the CIA World Fact Book, the country is led by an Amir whose position is hereditary (CIA). As the CIA further points out, political pressure groups and leaders are non-existent in Qatar. This essentially eliminates the possibility of unrests that usually result from political competition. The country also has fully functional legislative and judicial branches that are independent of the executive branch. The country's political system could therefore be regarded stable.


Based on the analysis above, Qatar can be regarded an attractive investment destination. This is more so the case given the measures the state has put in place to attract foreign direct investment. It should also be noted that the Qatar's business environment is largely conducive for business. This is particularly the case given the country's well-developed infrastructure, enhanced security, and stable political climate.


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