Qatar World Cup Research Paper

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It is important for us to briefly define these fields, so that we can have a better understanding of logistics pertaining to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The first field that we shall briefly describe here is the Procurement Logistics. This field relates to the entire process that is employed to make a selection of the suppliers and to initiate contracts for timely delivery of quality services or products. It also revolves around activities that include requirement planning, market research, supplier management, make or purchase decisions, order controlling, and ordering.

Production logistics is related to controlling and streamlining the flow that results from the supply chain, starting from the point of entry towards the end. The latter is referred to as distribution logistics, which shall be discussed shortly. The activities of production logistics are associated with layout planning, organizational concepts, production planning, and the control of production.

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Distribution logistics is yet another significant field. This field is associated with the delivery of completely produces and finished goods to the customer. It is based on warehousing, order processing, and transportation of the finished goods. The major subsectors within this particular field include rail, air, and truck and water transportation. Apart from that urban transit, motor vehicle repair, warehousing and storage, and ground passenger transportation are also included within this sector. The integration of all the aforementioned subsectors is referred to as logistics, and these also include the association with these subsectors with transportation, information, warehousing, inventory, packaging, and material handling.

Reverse logistics, most often referred to as disposal logistics covers all the operations and tasks that are associated with the recycling and reuse of materials and products. The main purpose of this field, which is evident from its name, is to decrease the cost of logistics, to save natural resources and to enhance the service (Logistics: What It Is and Why It's Important to Your Company, 2012).

Research Paper on Qatar World Cup Assignment

With the growth of the business world, the definition of logistics resulted in increased demand for improved management, which led to the establishment of experts that are referred to as the supply chain logisticians. The aforementioned type of leadership involves the management and planning of all tasks and activities that are related to procurement, sourcing, logistic management, and conversion (MikVsi'C & Lui'C, 2013). The important thing that needs to be noted here us that this type of leadership also includes collaboration and coordination with channel partners that are mostly suppliers, third-party service providers, intermediaries, and the customers (Logistics: What It Is and Why It's Important to Your Company, 2012).

When talking about logistics with respect to project management, it should be noted that logistics is required by project management, as one tributary of this field organizes a series of resources to implement and carry out the project effectively and efficiently. Usual constraints and challenges in the products include time, scope, and budget and some other constraints that are commonly relevant to business logistics. Time constraints, needless to say refers to the amount of time that is there to complete a project. The cost constraint is related to the available budget for the completion of the project. As for the scope constraints, they refer to what needs to be done for the production of the end results of the project (Logistics: What It Is and Why It's Important to Your Company, 2012).

FIFA World Cup 2022 -- Procurement Logistics

In order to carry out the event of FIFA World Cup 2022, special attention needs to be given to the aspect of procurement with respect to project management. As we have discussed that logistics is a science that has been further divided into many subfields, we shall be considering these subfield separately while discussing the project of FIFA World Cup 2022. Since it is a mega event, the organizers and the host nation needs to make sure that every product that is purchased or shipped into the country is of utmost quality. For this reason, it is important for the management team to make a separate commission that shall only be responsible for the procurement logistics. The activities that have been described above in the section of procurement logistics shall all be performed by the members of this team. The team of procurement logistics can be based on 20 managers, and further subgroups can be made according to the tasks that will have to be performed by this team.

Since the main function of the team of procurement logistics will be the purchase of products for different tasks that will have to be completed as a part of the arrangement of FIFA World Cup 2022, this team will first carry out a research in order to make sure that their suppliers hold a good reputation in the market. First of all, the raw material for the construction of the venues, the stadiums, the athletes' village, the roads, and the other infrastructure will be purchased. Special attention needs to be paid while purchasing the material of construction since it is an extremely crucial aspect of project management. The team members have to be particularly vigilant when negotiating any deals with the suppliers of these raw materials. A thorough investigation of the company with which deals are being closed will have to be made to make sure that are not wrongdoers or that they do not provide and supply substandard products.

Another subgroup within this team needs to be made that will be focusing on the storage and transportation of the raw materials that will be shipped from the place of their origin to where they will be stored until they are used. The team also has to make an estimate of the time that will be required for the shipment of the products so that arrangements can be made accordingly within time. Special arrangements need to be made for the storage of the materials, and people need to be appointed to make sure that the materials are kept safe.

Apart from the raw materials for construction and other things, another extremely important thing that needs to be acquired, and the procurement of which will also be the responsibility of this team, is labor. Labor is an extremely important aspect for the completion of this project within time. Labor has to be hired for construction, as well as for security and management of the event while it is taking place.

FIFA World Cup 2022 -- Distribution Logistics

Even though some part of this field has been assigned to the team of procurement logistics, a separate team will be required for the distribution of the products and to make sure that they have been distributed where they were needed and that too in time. Where the procurement logistics team will make sure that the products that are acquired are stored and transported, the task of the team that will be taking care of the activities of distribution logistics will be focused more on the transportation of the materials and equipment. The team will have a lookout as to where a certain product or material is required. Keeping in view the needs and requirements of different construction sites, and other places, the team of distribution logistics will ensure a smooth flow of equipment from where it has been stored to where it is needed. The responsibility of the storage and maintenance of material will be more on the team of distribution logistics as compared to procurement logistics. The former team will have to take special measures for the security of the equipment. Apart from that, the distribution logistics teams also need to make sure that equipment is not getting wasted, and is only being used and transported where it is required.

FIFA World Cup 2022 -- Reverse Logistics

This is one of the most important fields of logistics, even though this is not given much important. As explained above, this field is relevant to reuse and recycle of the products and equipment. Needless to say, the cost of this project is already estimated to be in billions of dollars, therefore there is a need for the project and contract managers to make sure those materials that are being purchased are not being wasted (Samaranayake & Toncich, 2007). This implies that are always some materials that can be reused, all such equipment should be reused wherever it can instead of dumping it to waste. Moreover, there are also some materials that can be recycled. The materials that can be recycled should be converted to the forms in which they can be used again, and then should be put to best use. Another extremely important point that needs to be noted here is the disposal of the waste materials. Since reverse logistics has to deal with the disposal of materials as well, the team that will be taking care of this field also needs to make sure that the environment of Qatar should not get affected by the disposal of the waste materials. It should be ensured by this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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