Qualities of a Man Term Paper

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His success has continued from his early days advising president ford until current time.

Greenspan has built a successful career in a complex organization thorough an equally complex set of personal skills. No one element of his career can be said to be responsible for his success. Yet without any of these individual elements, Greenspan undoubtedly would not be the seasoned and successful Fed leader. These elements of Greenspan's success are:

His love for numbers and data. Greenspan is able to investigate details without getting lost in them. He is able to build micro economic trends into affective macro economic policy.

His love for people. Greenspan is not a numbers geek, nor a recluse. His influence extends because he can work with people, and he builds confidence so others can work with him.

His love for the free market. Greenspan is a committed free market economist. Without his principle-based commitment to the end result, he would have easily been led astray by the self defeating economic policies of Carter or Clinton.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Qualities of a Man That Assignment

Beckner, Steven. Back from the Brink. New York: Wiley…
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