Quality of Life and Functioning Research Paper

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Quality of Life and Functioning

In a variety of health care settings, the community nurse is playing a vital role in helping to address the needs of patients and improve quality. In the case of Mrs. Thomas, her situation is complicated with: the malignant cancer continuing to spread, a husband who suffers from depression and two sons who do not spend any time with their mother. This is causing her levels of health to become worse from these challenges. To fully understand how the community nurse can address these issues requires examining: perceptions about quality of life / health promotion, three strategies that could be utilized to improve Mrs. Thomas' situation, the holistic plan and how health care professionals can effectively intervene. Together, these elements will illustrate the best tactics for dealing with these kinds of issues over the long-term.

Explain how your own perceptions about quality of life and health promotion might affect your care for a dying patient with a lingering illness such as cancer.

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The perceptions of the individual community nurse will have a major impact on the quality of care they are providing to terminally ill patients. This is because, they play a central role in understanding the needs of the individual, reducing pain and ensuring that they feel emotionally satisfied (given the current circumstances). The way that these ideas are conveyed is based upon the attitudes and actions that are taken. This can deal with the negative effects from these kinds of situations by offering an added level of support. Once this happens, the patient does not feel alone and isolated. (Burke, 2011) (Watson, 1999)

When someone is facing a terminal illness, they are looking back on their life and want to be around people who can provide them with comfort. The different perceptions about the quality of care and health promotion will ensure that the patient feels as if these needs are being addressed. This is when the attitudes and beliefs of the community nurse will impact patients by determining the extent of support they are providing. (Burke, 2011) (Watson, 1999)

TOPIC: Research Paper on Quality of Life and Functioning Assignment

Discuss three strategies that you could use in the Thomas' situation to improve the quality of life for Mrs. Thomas and her husband during this illness.

To address these issues, the community nurse should use one of three possible strategies for improving the Thomas' situation. The most notable include: reaching out to family members, working with local organizations and helping friends / neighbors to offer support. Reaching out to family members is when the nurse will explain the severity of the situation to Mrs. Thomas' two sons. During this process, there will be a discussion about how having at least one of them nearby could improve her mental and physical state. This will alleviate any kind of feelings of loneliness she is experiencing. At the same time, it will assist in the challenges affecting her husband by providing them with additional support when they need it. (LaManita, 2010) (Watson, 1999)

Working with local organizations, is when the community nurse will coordinate with Hospice and different nonprofits that assist the elderly / terminally ill. This could be used as a substitute to reduce the time family members will spend with Mrs. Thomas. While, it is also ensuring that she has someone to talk to. This will prevent the feelings of isolation and helplessness that she is experiencing. (LaManita, 2010) (Watson, 1999)

Receiving help from friends and neighbors is when they will check on Mrs. Thomas from time to time. Although she does not want to be a burden, the reality is most people do not mind assisting her. What is making her condition worse is the inability to ask these people for help. The community nurse has an obligation to provide this assistance. At the same time, they are communicating the importance of having everyone visit her and how it can improve her care. As a result, any one of these strategies can be used to address the current situation. This is the key to dealing with the immediate challenges impacting the Thomas'. (LaManita, 2010) (Watson, 1999)

Create a holistic nursing action plan appropriate for managing Mrs. Thomas' care at home.

Holistic nursing is focusing on integrating the patient's mind, body and spirit with their environment. The basic idea is to address all of the individual's emotional and physical care requirements. This is designed to improve the kind of treatment options they are receiving. In the case of the Thomas', this kind of approach can help to enhance quality and address current / future challenges. The way that this will occur is to combine these elements together, to create an atmosphere that is supportive of everyone. (Montgomery, 2012) (Watson, 1999)

Discuss ways to optimize Mrs. Thomas' functional ability at this stage of her illness.

The best way that Mrs. Thomas can optimize her functionality is through the assistance of different care givers. This can be accomplished by having friends, family and community organizations working together to address her basic needs. If this approach is used, it will offer her with something to look forward to. This is because she has someone she can visit with about her challenges and concerns. They can work with her to deal with these issues. In the future, this will improve her mental state to the point that she will begin to do things on her own. (Montgomery, 2012) (Watson, 1999)

Moreover, Mrs. Thomas should be encouraged to do some kind of physical activity. This may include taking a brief walk or engaging in some low impact exercises around the house. These activities will ensure that her body is able to maintain functionality. While at the same time, the increased amounts of physical activity will enhance her mental state. (Montgomery, 2012) (Watson, 1999)

Discuss ways to provide care for Mrs. Thomas once self-care is no longer possible.

One possible strategy for helping Mrs. Thomas, when self-care is no longer possible, is to have her receive support from Hospice. This would not cost her additional amounts of money by spending longer periods of time at these locations. Instead, her Medicare will cover the expenses for these services. This is provided that she receives a certification from her doctor stating how she is terminally ill. ("Medicare and Long-Term Care," 2012)

If this approach is utilized, Mrs. Thomas will be able to receive the assistance she needs when she is no longer able to care for herself. This will deal with her financial challenges and the requirements of additional support. It is at this point that she can make a comfortable transition to these locations. This will maintain high levels of quality and reduce stress during the process. ("Medicare and Long-Term Care," 2012)

Explain how you, as the community health nurse, can intervene in this situation in the management of Mr. Thomas' chronic depression.

To deal with Mrs. Thomas' chronic depression, she must change her routine and schedule. This is problematic, as she spends most of her time in bed and worrying about the future. The lack of physical activities or routine tasks; creates a situation where she has nothing look forward to. When this happens, she becomes depressed from the bad news about her condition and the lack of support she is receiving in the process. (Robbins, 1991) (Watson, 1999)

Furthermore, the absence of assistance from friends or family is only making the situation worse. As Mrs. Thomas' worries that her husband is becoming suicidal from these issues. If there was some kind of support provided through friends, family and community groups. She will not feel as overwhelmed, isolated and lonely. This is the point that the Mrs. Thomas' mental state will improve. (Robbins, 1991) (Watson, 1999)


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