Quality Management: How to Handle Case Study

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If Harold and Tricia consider project quality management in their dealings with the remote deposit capture team, they will be willing to work on a compromise with the team in order to make sure that the remote deposit capture is as good as it can be when it goes to market and consumers have the opportunity to purchase it.

Another consideration with this scenario is human resource quality management. People are a very vital and valuable resource for any company, and if a company neglects its people or pushes them too hard, they may leave the company because they cannot handle the strain. If they do not leave but they do not feel valued, they may do substandard work or spend too much time trying to push a product to market (Bogue & Saunders, 1992). All of those problems can be avoided with human resource quality management, because employees will all be treated fairly and equitably within the company. When employees are valued, they will be much more interested in helping the company with its success, and that means everyone involved with the project and the company wins.

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Planning is an important part of managing quality, but there are some things for which planning simply does not work. If a project goes over budget, for example, more money has to be raised or provided. Most likely, that was not something that was provided for in the original plan, but that does not mean that individuals in that organization cannot come up with a better or new plan that will allow for the raising of more money. Often, it is necessary to work with a new plan, simply because of the changing of the timeline. In this case, Harold and Tricia were very focused on getting the product to market as soon as possible, but the team ran out of money because suppliers spent more than they had expected. This was the fault of the suppliers, but more money is still needed by the entire company in order to make sure the project can go forward as planned.

Case Study on Quality Management: How to Handle Assignment

There will be a delay while that money is collected, and then the money can be used in order to continue the project. There is much to learn from this kind of case scenario and project, though, for other companies that might be developing something new and using various suppliers in the development of that project. Suppliers and their initial estimates are not always accurate. Because of that, it is always better to make sure that extra money is put into the budget. That will avoid (or at least lessen) the problems that are currently being faced in this case. Open communication and a human resources quality approach should also be part of what any company considers when it undertakes a project, because companies that focus on their people and treat them with respect and dignity are much more likely to have employees who are satisfied - and that translates into good work and happy customers.


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